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Serializing a sequence or map Compound types follow a three-step process of init, elements, end. Font size rem 1. For this SerDe, we want to store the column names so we can later extract the appropriate values from each row. Serde’s derive macro through [derive Serialize, Deserialize ] provides reasonable default serialization behavior for structs and enums and it can be customized to some extent using attributes. Basically, to analyze the internal structure of the row object and also the structure of the individual columns Hive uses ObjectInspector. Also, interprets the results of serialization as individual fields for processing. How do you feel about the new design?

Adding custom logic with streaming Intermediate.

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writing custom serde

Also, make sure that that org. The initialize method is called when a table is created. Serializing a struct Serde distinguishes between four types of structs.

Hive SerDe – Custom & Built-in SerDe in Hive

However, the default is false. So, to represent Map we use java. Compile this class and package it into a standard JAR file. Generally, using the lazy versions or the versions backed by Writable object can be more efficient; however, using these object inspectors efficiently is more complicated than using the standard Java object inspectors. Guys your are the best. Either Thrift or native Java. Space shortcuts How-to articles. For example, a Struct of string fields stored in a single Java string objects with starting offset for each field.


This SerDe will maintain the flexibility of having a schema-less file format with the readability of a columnar table. Some formats treat bytes like any other seq, but some formats are able to serialize bytes more compactly.

Setting the file format Simple.

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The central part of this example is our implementation of the ColumnarMapSerDe class, cutsom implements the SerDe interface. This condition enables some data formats to handle structs much more efficiently and compactly than maps. Such as CSV, tab-separated control-A separated records sorry, quote is not supported yet. However, there are many more insights to know about Hive SerDe. Connecting your feedback with data related to your visits device-specific, usage data, cookies, behavior and interactions will help us improve faster.

The first K values would be listed as columns. Basically, with a specified encode charset starting in Hive 0. Our class describes how to transform xerde Hadoop record into the columns of a Hive table.


Using dynamic partitions Intermediate. A t tachments 0 Page History. We will return a single StructObjectInspector whose fields correspond to the columns of our table.

The KV key value pairs after the keys are dynamic additional KV pairs can be added or removed at anytime and need to be listed as a map in Hive. Permalink Feb 25, Delete comments.

However, we will cover how to write own Hive SerDe.

In this serve, we only support strings. Hive uses the SerDe interface for IO. Therefore, we will precompute as much as possible on initialization and store this information in instance variables. The complex Hive types all contain nested object inspectors describing the types of their contents. Since we are modeling a map of strings to strings, we will throw an exception if any of the columns are not strings.

writing custom serde

Because Regex serde is not supporting complex data types.