I enjoy the perspective in which you view the information given. Question 4 The travelers expectation match the reality when they arrive to a new State or Country is that they get confuse and do not know what there expectations are. I understand where you are coming from. They’re not sure what to expect Reply Your comment will be posted after it is approved. Q 4 The travelers expectation is that they get confused and do not know what there expectations are. Which means the airport made him comfortable.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your WordPress. This shows the variety of cultures that meet in the airport. Think about how Iyer uses juxtaposition in his description of unlike images. Instead, they found more immigrants that were different from them, different kinds of people and race. Whereas for me i believe English is a very easy language.

Pico Iyer “Where World’s Collide” Reading Response

What do you think when you hear L. Los Angeles is often portrayed as the location where dreams come true and people strive for success. Although I do agree on this comment, there could be more emphasis on the types of lifestyles and maybe elaborate how they would be treated.

By continuing to use this website, you agree ijer their use. I agree with you because many people dont know anything. Where are oico from? I believe that its to a full extent because just by observing someones culture you can tell a lot about it. I also liked how he spoke about how airports are mini cities and that whatever happens at airports are just at a smaller scale of the city.


Where worlds collide

The universal idea about life and society summarh the author conveys in the essay is how specific races are being treated while landing in a different life style. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Log In Sign Up.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay summary

They did not picture it being as bad. Which made them realize that it was not going to be a place were they could connect really quick and colilde as great as they believed.

He enjoyed everything that surrounded him and he pointed each one out.

Mckenna callendar May 21, at 6: However, the airport usually stands for new beginnings and dreams for the people who come from distant lands. Therefore affecting the meaning the meaning of the story. Overhead, they can see the all-too-familiar signs of Hilton and Hyatt and Holiday Inn; in the distance, a sea of tract houses, mini-malls, and high rises. If the story was written in first person, it would be more specific and explain one’s feelings of arriving to a new country.

Good point Mario you are completely correct on your view. Lauren, I completely agree with you. The essay conveys that life can be a little disappointing. Therefore, the point of view in which “Colliding Worlds” is written contributes to the meaning of the passage.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay summary

The expectations of the travelers takes a dramatic change when they get to experience America for themselves. I agree with you because the travelers had different expectations to what they actually saw. Airports are interesting because unlike lots of places or areas in life, people different backgrounds, cultures and economic levels meet in this collice for a few hours and interact, but then depart and go to possibly opposite sides of the world.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. I agree with you because the point of view is important to this story. What effect do you think it has on “them,” that the first things they see are the smoggy haze, the mess of streets, and the tract houses?

where worlds collide pico iyer essay summary

Through this he gains an understanding of how different wor,ds people from all over the world are as well as how they all have come her for different reasons but in word word he describes this as the “Promise land”.

I will give my opinion on how do travelers expectations match the reality they see when they arrive?

Colliding Worlds – ENGLISH II – 10th Grade – RM

In “Where Worlds Collide” by Pico Iyer, the traveler’s expectations do not match up with reality when they arrive at the Los Angeles airport. You are commenting using your Worldz account. This portion struck a chord with me because I came from the other side of the country to attend college here with similar ambitions. Such as the prices of food. They both tend to be artificial, yet self-sufficient worlds of their own. Iyer then notices that signs will have the same message, but in many different languages.