GED For applicants who have received their GED certificate, please list the city, zip code, country and state where the certificate was awarded. You will not be evaluated by an admissions committee unless your packet is complete. Contact your college admissions office if you do not remember your score s. Once your file is complete, it will signal us to put your file into the letter-writing queue, chronologically by when we hear from applicants. A complete file consists of:.

TMDSAS has two required essays and one optional, which in plain English means you have three essays to write, because nothing is optional. Each response is graded by a different rater, giving a very robust and reliable view of personal and professional characteristics important to our program. You will indicate whether you are currently under charge or have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, or have you ever received a felony or misdemeanor deferred adjudication. Learning from others is enhanced in educational settings that include individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa. Eligible candidates will receive an email invitation from our school with the link and instructions to complete our secondary application after we have received their complete application from TMDSAS.

Many students pick a STEM major like biology because much of the prerequisites for medical school are already required courses for the completion of the major. Indicate the Activity Name, start date, end date, city, approximate hours per week, total cumulative hours, country, state and a brief description of the activity.

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Please read the application instructions! Test scores older than 5 years from the year of application submission will not be considered.

Generally speaking, because there are no hard and fast rules, a competitive applicant has a strong GPA overall and BCPMa strong MCAT, challenging coursework, extra-curricular involvement, consistent volunteer experience, and experience in or exposure to the medical field. A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or other Pacific Islands. Include information and corresponding grades for every course you have ever taken at any US, US overseas or Canadian institution, regardless of whether credit was earned.


tmdsas foreign coursework

There is no formula that will make you the perfect applicant. Do I have to shadow a physician?

In general terms, that means you need to be taking 15 hours a semester and that you are expected to graduate in 4 years UHin4hint hint. Official transcripts will be necessary for all undergraduate coursework.

Health Professions

If your high school was not found, you will need to add the school manually in the designated [High School Information] fields. Note this example has a heavy front-end load, but allows the student to complete many of the pre-med prerequisite coursework prior to their junior year and allows a student to focus on MCAT preparation without Organic Chemistry interfering.

They want to see full schedules every semester. Medical school interviews begin in Mid-July and will continue throughout the rest of the fall, and even through mid-January. Fall, prior to application At the University of Houston, we advise our applicants to start preparing their application materials in the fall semester prior to application.

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Do not have any transcripts delivered to JAMP until you have completed the [Colleges Attended] section of your application. The reason why this coyrsework so important foursework because when you take coursework at another institution while you are currently a student at UH, you are giving the impression that you are avoiding the rigors of the coursework offered by your home institution. Medical schools want well-rounded students that can think on their own and can solve problems.


We encourage students to take traditional coursework.

Admission Requirements

Graduate Courses taken while enrolled in a graduate degree program. We will bundle recommendations and the committee letter for you. To avoid formatting issues, we recommend typing your essay directly into the JAMP application rather than cutting and pasting your essay from other software.

Enter the country, state and a distinctive part of the college or university name and a list of matching institutions will appear.

Keeping your address updated helps assure that you do not miss important information. Enter the graduation month and graduation year the certificate was received. List all jobs paid work experience held since high school to the present, including military service. There is a caveat, however — there is a real limit to how many times you can take the MCAT.

tmdsas foreign coursework

Your certification of these statements serves the same purpose as a legal signature, and is binding. Where can I get more information? The personal essay asks you to explain your motivation to seek a career in medicine.

tmdsas foreign coursework

Once saved select “Continue”. List any healthcare related community service, volunteer, employment OR shadowing experience you have participated in high school or after graduation from high school to the present. Address 1 – Enter your current mailing address. To add a term, click on [Add Term] coursewor, next to the institution for which you wish to add a term. TMDSAS has two required essays and one optional, which in plain English means you have three essays to write, because nothing is optional.