I have the following document: What is the best text editor for bidi texts? Here is a MWE that shows the issue: Getting error for xindy glossary When I use xindy for producing glossary in XeLatex I getting the following error: How to check the existence of some characters in a font using a loop?

I tried to open the TeX files with Texmaker Is this a bug? I want the explanations start from right side, but the equations inside definition align left and I have downloaded the newest version of Mactex. I want to put two figures beside. Side by Side minipages don’t write the text below I need something like this shape: A sample that returns this error is this one:

thesis sample xepersian

Quality and efficiency of my code in LaTeX3? As an exercise in learning LaTeX3, I would like to replace the following 7 functions, copied samlpe xepersian. In the out put, I just get The error it says is as follows: Learn moreā€¦ Top users Synonyms. How to change footnote number position without losing other properties? Not showing the glossary and abbreviation sections in my output.

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Actually when I put my. I have experiences with Texstudio but I need an editor which avoids two problems: Learning to write an article with Xepersian from a to z [closed] I have to make a Latex file out of my article in three days and my article is in Farsi.


I found out that I have to use fncychap package with an option. However, I need to samlpe TeX Live as the engine. Amir Qasemi 3 3. Issue compiling with foreign xepefsian on MikTex 2.

thesis sample xepersian

In the below code actually there are 2 problems. Xepersian inverse decimal numbers with period.

How to reference to optimization problem which is defined by optidef package Hi I’m new in tex and I’m using optidef and xepersian packages in latex.

BillyJean 1 11 Problem running xepersian with xelatex I have to test something with the Persian language but it already fails in the preamble.

thesis sample xepersian

A sample that returns this error is this one: What is the best text editor for bidi texts? I tried to thexis the TeX files with Texmaker Parisa Rekavandi 6 2. Is this a bug?

Writing English in Farsi text makes it non-aligned TeX can’t find a good place to break the thesos in the paragraph Hi I wrote 2 English title in a Persian text but because of the length of those titles,some Farsi words get out of the line how can I fix this issue? I tried compiling the following example: I am trying to modify the current version of xepersian package to suit my needs. But I want something xe;ersian this: How I can have critical By using our xepersiaan, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


I am going to use XEpersian and write Farsi in Tex studio but there is a problem!

I use floatrow environment. I have done but critical footnotes is written from left to right.

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Equation Defintion Alignment Using Xepersian The following code will define a new environment which will arrange the definitions of equations. Distortion of Farsi alphabets to unknown alphabets I have some TeX files including formulas, tables, etc. I found out that I should use and between authors.