What is Tissue Culture? Which also provide clean dust free environment. The suckers for culture is prepared and taken into the lab. Thus, an attempt was made to standardize efficient and rapid micropropagation protocol which will be useful in expanding area under cultivation of Malbhog banana. White oaks pistacia vera.

Advantages of Tissue Culture Planting Material True to the type of mother plant under well management. After four or five weeks, 15 to 25 buds can be induced from each explant. In LAF chamber the suckers are sterilized using mercury chloride Two different concentrations are used for sterilization purpose. One of the most commonly encountered problems in in vitro culture establishment is the contamination. Medium without hormone gives good results. On average, therefore, one to two thousand plantlets are propagated from each sucker.

Effect of relative light intensities on Dryobalanops aromaticaexpedition and on-going collaborationStorage and Survival of Neem Seed. Acclimatization of banana plantlet Rooted plantlet are kept in thssis medium for certain time.

thesis on micropropagation of banana

Looks Banana, Low cost estimators, Work propagation. Selection of varieties, therefore is based on a large number of varieties catering to or kinds of needs and situations. The total number of plantlets supplied to growers between and was 39 million see Table 1 Write my custom definition essay on shakespeare administrative management thesis topics sample haas essays phd thesis political science do you have to put objective.

Saline solid, calcareous soil are not suitable for Banana cultivation.

Medium used for Banana cultivation For banana micro propagation, MS-based media are widely adopted. Uniform growth, increases yield. At first the distilled water added and the bottle shaked for 1 min.


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For rapid multiplication, a relatively larger explants mm is desirable despite its higher susceptibility to blackening and contamination. The Impact of Climatic Variations on Agriculture. Embryo culture is an important aid for classical breeding in banana since the germination frequency of seed is extremely low. Banana belongs to the genus Musa and family Musaceae. Media are poured in a glass bottle where suckers are propagated.

After four or five weeks, 15 to 25 buds can be induced from each explant. Banana Cultivation in India Banana is a globally important fruit crop with Sub Culturing of Banana After 2 weeks the suckers will become greenish in colour. They are soaked in Bavistin for 18 hours in order to remove the fungus and fungal spores. These excellent varieties are on verge of extinction due to problem of diseases and non-availability of quality propagules.

thesis on micropropagation of banana

Phd thesis on plant tissue culture phd thesis ghost town descriptive essay samples on plant tissue culture For banana micropropagation, methodological research design tifo PhD thesis, K.

Meristem culture can eliminate a number of pests and diseases.

Krishikosh: Micropropagation of banana cv. Malbhog for production of quality planting material

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The Preparative Stage Young suckers selected from healthy and true-to-type mother plants are checked for symptoms of fusarial wilt. The conventional method of vegetative propagation in banana is by means of daughter sucker.

The explants is then further reduced in size 0. Micro propagation is vegetative propagation of plant using plant tissue culture. The sub culturing is done until the require amount of plant needed.

Thesis on micropropagation of banana

This also known as direct differentiation. Problem of banana propagation Banana microproagation cultures often suffer from excessive blackening caused by oxidation of polyphenolic compounds released from wounded tissues.

Therefore, present study was performed with the objective to establish aseptic shoot culture of banana cv. The Improvement and Testing of Musa: They are healthy, disease free, uniform and authentic. Early maturity of crop — maximum land use is possible in low land holding country like India.

First the sucker sterilized using 0. Micropropagation of banana cv.