The senior faculty members from the departments of preventive and social medicine PSM and paediatrics of various medical colleges and institutions form the core of the component. The article describes in brief, the organisation, achievements and drawbacks of this national programme. The authors are grateful to Prof Dr B. Perhaps a controlled study could be done in some areas. AWC serves as a central point for immunisation, distribution of vitamin A, iron and folic acid tablets and treatment of minor ailments and first aid. Purposive sampling technique has adopted for sample selection and exploratory research design has adopted to assess the problems of these workers.

Perceived responsibilities and operational difficulties of anganwadi workers at a coastal south Indian city. Growth Monitoring Promotion GMP It is an important tool to assess the impact of health and nutrition related services. Support Center Support Center. Email this article Login required. AWC serves as a central point for immunisation, distribution of vitamin A, iron and folic acid tablets and treatment of minor ailments and first aid.

The scheme is aimed to improve thesi health, nutrition and education KAP of the target community. Non-formal education for mothers is an attempt to improve upon their KAP. The various vertical health programmes initiated by the Government of India GOI from time to time did not reach out to the target community adequately.

Annual Report —96 Pari IV. Indian Journal of Applied Research.

Tandon BN, Kapil U. Profile of Anganwadi workers and their knowledge regarding maternal and child health services in an urban area. This focuses on the total development of the child upto 6 years.


Second thoughts in growth monitoring. Indian Journal of Community Medicine. Nonformal and Preschool Education Nonformal nutrition and health education given by the AWW is aimed at empowerment of women in the age roup of 15—44 year to enable them to look after their own health and nutrition needs as well as that of their children and families.

Study of profile, knowledge and problems of anganwadi workers in ICDS blocks: The mean knowledge score about various ICDS services is about InIndia adopted a well-defined national htesis for children.

Improvement in the health and nutritional status of children 0—6 years and pregnant and lactating mothers.


All such cases are listed by the AWW and referred to the medical officer. Indian J Matern Child Health.

thesis on anganwadi workers

A thesus on problems faced by Anganwadi workers and suggestions given by them. An effective uniform syllabus for various categories of functionaries has been prepared by the CTC in consultation with experts. Believing in overall outstanding performance rather than be content with small mercies in pockets of excellence we recommend an objective review and assessment of angajwadi ICDS and strengthening the weaker links.

The sample for the present study comprises of 30 Anganwadi workers belonging to three Urban Blocks of Sundargarh Districts.

thesis on anganwadi workers

The nutritional status of ICDS children, their immunization, vitamin A and iron and folic acid coverage have improved and are better than those of the non-ICDS children. A programme for development of mother and child wnganwadi. The scheme was launched on 2 October in 33 4 rural, 18 urban, 11 tribal blocks.



This training, regrettably, is disproportionately tilted towards record maintaining instead of quality assessment, support no education [ 8 ]. Both the groups, though had far anganwzdi score than the non-ICDS group. User Username Password Remember me. Her services are also being utilised for special drives and campaigns like pulse polio and family planning drive.

Launched on 2 Octoberthe znganwadi has completed 25 years of its operational age. The training curriculum is aimed to provide a comprehensive training package which is flexible enough to meet the local needs.

On the basis of this very significant observation, the possibility of introducing an age specific curriculum needs to be explored. Indian paediatrics ;32 1: The main objective of this programme is to cater to the needs of the development of children in the age group of years.

Better convergence and coordination among various departments, NGOs and groups involved in mother and child development is required to avoid duplication and avoidable expenditure. It is to be appreciated that this activity needs a great deal of time, training, supervision and support. Workets activity, unfortunately has not been very successful due to many reasons. Keywords Anganwadi worker, Growth monitoring, Knowledge up-gradation, Intervention study.