Challenge the status quo. Work is more important than family time or other activities. Homework needs help from parents, since in the early years it cannot be done without this support. And that may be the crucial thing parents and teachers take away from the book: P19 Research casting doubt on the assumption that homework improves academic performance goes back to , when a study found that assigning spelling homework had no effect on how proficient children were at spelling later on. By contrast, the amount of time children spent reading for pleasure was strongly correlated with higher scores.

Where to buy it. Lots of practice can help some students get better remembering the correct response, but not get better at thinking. Their book is full of real-life stories some of which you will find in the Appendix to this review. I hope you enjoy it and that it encourages you to continue your quest. Browse related items Start at call number: The results are predictable: Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview.

This is a blog of some of the noteworthy books that I have read. None of these assumptions, he shows, actually passes the test of logic, research, or alfue. Lots of practice can help some students get better remembering the correct response, but not get better at thinking. For younger students Grades P41 In2 researchers looked at global test scores on the TIMSS science study based upon test results from students in 50 countries.

Ben’s Book Blog: *** The Homework Myth by Alfie Kohn

Before the Dawn — recovering the lost history of our ancestors by Nicholas Wade. They are however excellent indicators of 2 things. In 12th grade, the scores were the same regardless of whether the student did 15 minutes or more than an hour.


One group of tbe was told that their children would be tested on the skills. Has anything changed in all these centuries? Effects on grades based upon amount of homework done; Positive relationship. Now we have the data to backup our instincts.

the homework myth alfie kohn summary

Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p. And until it is, it looms large in conversations, an unwelcome guest at the table every night.

The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing

Generation gaps are a fact of life. Do you need homework to achieve those things, ask Bennett and Kalish. Above all homework is readily accepted because of fundamental misconceptions about the nature of learning.

Siblings feel ignored when other children need more help. Older Students Grades P Based upon the results of a math exam, 4th graders who did no homework got roughly the same score as those who did 30 minutes a night. Pupils are given homework at an earlier and earlier age, even the youngest kindergarten child whose attention span is still very short.

the homework myth alfie kohn summary

Results on the reading test, too, provided no compelling evidence that homework helped. It is engaging, informative, and exudes the passion that drives him to write. The results are predictable: These parents of these children became more controlling, and worse, when those same children were left alone to tackle a similar problem, they ended not doing as well.

Because, in the end, what Kohn wants parents and teachers to do, if nothing else, is think about this homework issue.


And, ultimately, take that conversation to the principal and the district level. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Parents respond by reassuring themselves that at least the benefits outweigh the costs. P33 Standardized tests are a poor measure of intellectual proficiency.

P28 Cooper concedes that it is equally probable, based upon the correlational data that teachers assign more homework to students who are achieving better or that better students simply spend more time on home study… In addition, being born into a kohnn affluent and highly educated family — might be associated with getting higher test scores and with doing more homework. Deep in our gut, I think we homeqork knew from our childhood experiences, that homework was a total crock.

the homework myth alfie kohn summary

Effects on grades based upon amount of homework done; no significant relationship. Or that a complete absence of homework would have any detrimental effect at all.

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It helps to consolidate schoolwork, it teaches independence and responsibility and good work habits, it raises attainment, or so the argument goes. So why do we continue to administer this modern cod liver oil — or even demand a larger dose?

Effects on test scores based upon amount of homework assigned; no significant relationship.