Tuesday, May 2 6: The footage shot by the artist remains blurred for the duration of the video, allowing the viewer to concentrate intently on listening to a voiceover also by the artiss telling the narrative of three generations of women in her family: Additional focus is placed on best practices in navigating the visual-art marketplace while empowering students to choose art-making as a way of life. Curated by Sarah Malekzadeh. I am intrigued by those short-circuit moments where function and intent collide. Closed Sunday and federal holidays.

In his paintings, collaged shapes suggesting paint splatters abstract the bodies of models from vintage gay porn magazines, seamlessly mingling with other printed matter of cars, flowers or animals. The figures make eye contact with the viewer and each other, removing them from the context of anonymous, disposable imagery and reintroducing a human bond to bodies normally found isolated on the printed page. By engaging with disparate audiences—those who seek out the exhibition, artists living and working in the neighborhood, and curious passersby—the work moves from the certain comforts of the Chelsea gallery district and the school studio into an undefined space in which it must speak for itself. Exploiting the associations they may bring to the work—through the recognizable images depicted in drawing or the found door which leads to nowhere—he refutes narrative conclusions or his own artistic position, knowing fully well that when the work leaves the studio, the artist is no longer able to control its reception. Stephen Cup created an illustrated book about labor organizer Fannie Sellins, who, in , was beaten and fatally shot by company police on the picket line outside the Allegheny Coal Co.

Objects of Surrealism is a collection of drawings by Zach Meyer that are inspired by fiction stories of disorder, memory and the unconscious.

Switching mediums, themes, and motives with aplomb, the students seem to acknowledge that while each individual completed artwork may be the result of problem solving, to be an artist is to ardently pursue the hypothetical.

Cycle 1 Exhibiting Artists: Mago Huang tells the story of a lemur who does not like his own seemingly useless tail and envies the more purposeful tails of other animals. Still from Home Front.

sva mfa thesis show 2015

Curated by Dan Cameron. Fiorella Gonzales-Vigil Mohme’s memories of spaces from her past push her to create sculptural installations in the present.


The images allow each viewer can read into their own relationship with their bodies, consumption and pressures to conform to societal expectations. It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards Jan 17 – Jan Open Monday through Saturday 10am to 6pm.

In Place de Ringothe apple and its connotations are represented in both drawing and sculpture; whereas the drawing combines historical, religious and cultural references to the apple, using text to create form, the sculpture relies on pre-existing, mass produced materials both organic and technological such as computer cords, expired tea and dried out contact lenses. Phase II speaks to the conflation of images through technological replication, and the flattening of history through this.

The artist performs as a pastiche of religious deities—whose many arms are always clutching smartphones— on sjow background of standard Mac desktop wallpapers, designed to relax the office worker and become an acceptable substitute for the outside thedis. By engaging with disparate audiences—those who sgow out the exhibition, artists living and working in the neighborhood, and curious passersby—the work moves from the certain comforts of the Chelsea gallery district and the school studio into an undefined space in which it must speak for itself.

sva mfa thesis show 2015

MFA Fine Arts goes to Governors Island for the summer to stage a program of group exhibitions and artist projects by alumni, current students, faculty, invited artists, and partner arts organizations. Lost at Home by Mike Hirshon is the story of a young man trying to find his way home after regaining consciousness in an alley.

The pillows were also used to restage family photos, as displayed in a photo album. I am intrigued by those short-circuit moments where function and mfz collide. Friday, November 13th, pm. The installations evoke theatrical sets in which objects and space are only suggested. Life on an Island May 4 through July 31, In PappyMegan Templehof examines her relationship with her grandfather by depicting memories from her childhood.

Her videos explore ideas of adult behavior and speech patterns in relationship to each other as well as to children through simple conversational exchanges, and seek to make adults more aware of the societal constructs of both adult- and childhood.


Each exhibition offers a distinct angle from which SVA students perceive and interact with the art worlds of New York and beyond: Suow the heart of his work are strategies to evoke a spirituality that can be absent thesix much contemporary art work—one which is not necessarily connected to religion, but to visceral hhesis in the viewers and their own thessis histories which are brought to the work.

MFA Fine Arts

By transforming these synthetic, familiar materials, she shifts how they are read by the viewer, playing with ideas of what constitutes surface and support. From this central structure, the sculpture radiates outwards ghesis more abstract forms, suggesting the boundaries of these constructed spaces could easily extend beyond the physical confines into a more psychological realm. Closed Sunday and federal holidays.

sva mfa thesis show 2015

TidemandDenise Treizman and Juana Valdes Viewers are on display in a public space while being hidden in plain sight. Presenting these narratives through both image and text allows the women to share the complexities of the experience, rather than the one-dimensional manner in which they are judged on a daily basis. Asking these three former inmates to create a self-portrait, write a biography, and speak to the artist for a recorded interview, their accounts presents the shame, dehumanization and discrimination faced both in prison and from society at large once released.

SVA MFA Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition – New Artists – Art & Education

Claire Haik’s Glacial Friction series of abstract paintings are indexical marks of their suggested landscapes. Drawing from his years of experience as a volunteer art teacher in prisons, Guido Garaycochea’s installation I Became My Crime draws attention to the problem of mass incarceration in the U.

Taking inspiration equally from the Pattern and Decoration movement of the s and the Roccoco era, Hee Sun Shin’s sculptures are tactile and accumulative, using materials which appeal both haptically and visually. Her work integrates her Soviet Russian background to sjow boundaries between public and private space. Tuesday, May 2 6: