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Someone that is supportive tbink reliable. I have recently got out of a relationship a few weeks ago. I wont stop until you say so. I have friends to have great luck with this.

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Moseby blames Zack, while Max tries to impress London with his magical suitcase. When Mr.

Moseby was dressed as Michael Jackson. You can help The Suite Life Wiki by expanding it.

To impress Bailey, Cody desperately tries to get tickets to the show, having claimed he knew Hannah from when she stayed in the Tipton hotel and ate cake off of Zack's shirt. Moseby insults Miss.

The suite life on deck s03e03 so you think you can date

Meanwhile, the Russo's are still aboard the ship on their vacation in which Alex pulls a prank on Justin by putting blue dye in the hot tub, making him turn blue, for which Mr. Special guest stars: Jake T. You can help by expanding it. Story The Seven Seas High dance is coming up. Through understanding, Mr.


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Season 2 —10 [ dats ] This season consists of 28 episodes. Meanwhile, Woody is tired of Tutweiller and Moseby arguing about who should get the skydeck for the school dance, so he makes them share the skydeck.

This section of the article is a stub. During the dance, Ciccy was dressed as Cyndi Lauper and Mr.

Bailey also later makes this mistake when talking to London. This is also the second time Selena Gomez has worked on a Suite Life show.

In the end, Alex is grounded for pranking Justin, and Mr. Moseby convinces Emma that they both have become successful adults and have overcome their painful pasts. Bailey says that the 80's reached Kettlecorn last year but she had been on the boat for 2 years and dating Cody for a year This article is a stub.

Having broken up, Cody and Bailey lie to each other about having dates to the dance, so they quickly try to find a backup date to keep their lie going. Now the pressure is on to see who has the best game.

After his death and the defeat of his murderers, his adopted son nephew Augustus became the first Roman emperor.