He is now running against Republican state legislator Deb Fischer to reclaim his Nebraska Senate seat. As is the case across the rural midwest, the urban areas of Omaha and Lincoln are the bluest pockets in a deep red state. I bet a significant percentage of “cornhuskers” agree with her. She also joked about trying to orchestrate a sex scandal to end his campaign. Is this Paley being funny?

July 11, 7 min read. Classic way to cut the legs out from under your spouse. Please enable Javascript for the best user experience. She is the author of two books, including ” Proud Nebraskans will have the last laugh on Election Eve. We so-called political wives are all grown up, and like any loving wife, we pick our battles. I love the South.

Paleg like her clever by half statements will get her hubby into trouble. A resume put out to the considered rubes he left behind is not a gesture of dedication to the people. It’s possible, for example, that someday soon, when I’m watching my husband’s speech for the th time, I’ll swoon like a boy-band groupie, but I’ll be thinking, “When the heck is PBS going to run the third season of ‘Downton Abbey’?

Never mind her other snarky comments. Paley plans sarxh move with her son to Nebraska later this summer, but appears to have mixed feelings about the state based on the wry commentary in her essay about deer carcasses and anti-abortion billboards.

In her essay, titled “The Not So Good Wife,” Paley bemoaned that her husband is getting back into politics, saying she reacted with “hysteria, tantrums, sulking. Oh, and she claims to be intensely private — all the while posing in designer duds.


If your theories fly in the face of reality, it’s not reality that’s wrong. Guess she thinks huskers are too dumb to read Vogue.

If We’re Lucky, Political Wife Sarah Paley Will Blog, Too, by Connie Schultz | Creators Syndicate

Connie Schultz is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and an essayist for Parade magazine. I bet a significant percentage of “cornhuskers” agree with her. July 11, 7 min read. My idea of a good time is when people cancel.

He loves Nebraska and truly cares about the state of the country and the world. We reached out to Paley, who did not respond to requests for comment. Please enable Javascript for the best user experience. Fischer is beating Kerrey like a rented mule!

Sarah Paley’s Vogue essay causes a stir – POLITICO

Nobody makes us do anything. My understanding of the statement is she does not like football as a sport.

sarah paley vogue essay

How will I stump? Hojczyk Gee, I am a Connecticut Yankee who found the pro-life billboards and deer carcasses to be part satah the attraction of the midwest, and moved there. Oh, and take note, Cornhuskers: No one ever told me my writing should be “a good thing” for my husband’s campaign. Bob Kerrey is running to regain his old seat, but a Vogue magazine essay by his wife Sarah Paley right is proving something of an ;aley.

Bob Kerrey’s comedy-writer wife pens essay for Vogue, but not everyone is laughing

I hope I can trust you with this small confession. Now that really is “a good thing,” as I have a habit of getting all feminist-y, except when I’m writing about our dog.


sarah paley vogue essay

I hate beginning a conversation about this gifted comedy writer by identifying her through her marriage, but it’s because she’s married to Kerrey that her funny essay for exsay month’s Vogue magazine has generated a scorching round of headlines by the willfully clueless:. First of all, I live in the Midwest, and I always have thought we are strange — aarah if, by “strange,” you mean we’re wa-a-a-a-y different from people in Washington.

If We’re Lucky, Political Wife Sarah Paley Will Blog, Too

Verify you are human. Is this Paley being funny? I do not own a pantsuit, pearls or an American flag lapel pin,” Palley writes. I am not vgoue a social animal. It would be sort of like being on a diplomatic mission in East Germany during the Soviet era and retiring to Moscow afterwards. How will I stump? A snob in high heels trailing along behind you, penning snark in foo foo NY mags is not a winning ticket, surely.

She knew Paley was just having a little fun. We so-called political wives are all grown up, and like any loving wife, we pick our battles.