There were signs of arteriosclerosis and a possible stroke. The is window Otzi is viewed through is about 18 inches square. He He had medium length wavy dark hair and wore a beard. He rewrote history with his age and equipment setting new records and helping us to understand our ancestry. Also a stroke of luck was the way his corpse was embalmed in snow and ice soon after he died so that so much could be inferred the body. They slid the frozen body onto a stainless steel gurney.

We will write a custom essay sample on Otzi the Iceman specifically for you. He pulled out two large chunks of undigested food, then switched to a kitchen spoon and scooped several more ounces from the Iceman’s very full stomach. One scientist on team that did the investigation told National Geographic, “Bone and blood vessels within us constantly change throughout life. Genetic analysis shows that his quiver was made from wild roe deer, while his fur hat was fashioned from a genetic lineage of brown bear still seen in the region today. After more than 25 years of intensive scientific research and extensive media coverage, he is arguably “Europe’s Oldest Celebrity.

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Nobody is sure what he was doing up on the pass. DNA analysis of the final meal is ongoing, but one thing is already clear: Support that opinion with facts from your reading and explain each in the body of your essay. This constitutes ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for hhe section of the US Copyright Law. As of Februaryhis body had been scanned five times: The most astonishing revelation came inwhen a local radiologist named Paul Gostner noticed a detail that had been overlooked in the images: This supports the idea that despite the increasing use of dairying and agriculture, lactose intolerance would have still prevailed in Oetzi’s generation.


With the exception of missing toenails, all but one fingernail and an outer layer of skin the Cinclusion is otherwise perfectly reserved.

Otzi had brown eyes and a gap between his teeth. Nicola Davis, The Guardian August 18, ]. The surgical teams had taken snippets of muscle and lung. As soon as the autopsy concluded, Samadelli lowered the temperature in the laboratory below freezing.

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Catharine Paddock wrote in Medical News Today: One sticky rumor was that semen had been found in his anal canal, prompting headlines about his supposed homosexuality. By the end of the day, the laboratory freezer brimmed with biological samples”enough for about 50 papers,” quipped one of the biologists.

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Otzi wore hay-stuffed shoes, a goat- and sheepskin coat, goatskin leggings, bear fur hat, grass matting and sheepskin loincloth. It seems his body was dried by wind and sun and quickly blanketed by snow and ice in a late spring or early summer snow storm and was situated in a high ravine in such a way that the Niederjoch Glacier flowed over him, preserving him without breaking him apart.

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Analysis of the isotopes found in Otzi seemed to indicate he spent his youth in a valley south of where he was found while those in his bones indicate he traveled both north and south of where he was found. Analysis of the “Iceman” with X-rays, CT scans and chemical analysis of bone, tissue and DNA samples has shown that he had very little body fat indicating he may have been close to starving ; he had four broken ribs; and iveman arthritis in his hip joints, knees, ankles and spine.

He was airlifted to the nearest village were he was shoved into a coffin for the car ride to Innsbruck.

The background assumptions of him being murdered because of his abilities around the testimony make the representation of Otzi and the prehistory itself more deep and sophisticated. No corpse has been more thoroughly investigated. Mica found his intestines, coonclusion accidently ingested with stone-ground grain also matches that found in the lower Val Venosta.


Initial tests indicate the presence of fatty, baconlike meat of a kind of wild goat called an alpine ibex.

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It gleams with a glaze of ice that is left undefrosted to protect it What is your topic? The first esssy were disclosed in Junewhen Zink and his colleagues presented some of their initial findings at a scientific meeting.

otzi the iceman essay conclusion

Otzi died from concluusion fatal shot approximately 30m away at a 25 degree angle from below. Though he had retired, the radiologist kept studying the CT scans at home as a kind of hobby, and in he became convinced that scientists had mistaken the Iceman’s empty colon for his stomach, which had been pushed up under his rib cage and thhe to Gostner to be full.

A policeman assisting with a jackhammer tore a hole into the Iceman’s left hip and damaged his thigh.

otzi the iceman essay conclusion

His glacial grave has yielded pieces of his clothing, weaponry and other equipment, every day objects, which tell us a lot about his life. Use complete and thorough responses to each question.

Archaeologists explain that this type of weapon fssay quite difficult to make and required good skills. Despite his normal weight and concludion life-style, Otzi seems to have suffered from extensive vascular calcification.

Use your prior knowledge, in addition to new information, to help support the theory you feel most likely to have occurred.