The P values are given for the PCA-based as well as for the mixed model-based approach to account for population stratification. MLZE is up-regulated in growing metastatic melanomas and is supposed to be important for melanoma progression [41]. Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine. Selection of animals carrying favourable QTL alleles might rapidly reduce the incidence of calving difficulties. The proportion of phenotypic variance explained was then estimated with the effects off all chromosomes and QTL fitted simultaneously.

Pre-phasing-based sequence imputation provides highly reliable genotypes even for a small number of animals with high-density genotypes [4]. However, in typical livestock populations a limited number of founder animals explains a large proportion of the genetic diversity of breeding populations [49]. Complex traits are determined by a limited number of loci explaining a large fraction of the genetic variation and a large number of of loci with infinitesimal effects. Correlation between chromosome length and the fraction of phenotypic variance explained. Twelve identified QTL regions totally account for The black line is a linear regression line through these points, whereas the black dotted line represents the population mean.

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Although the replication of associations in validation populations is currently considered as the gold standard to define true variants [92], an unsuccessful replication study should not be considered as the criterion for excluding potentially pauzch variants.

Current Opinion in Cell Biology The starting point of this thesis is the following observation of Atiyah and Bott: Journal of Heredity I also want to mention Birgit Hoffmann for her help in administrative matters. His appointment greatly enriches the Institute of Agricultural Sciences and is important to the running of the new Agrovet-Strickhof Education and Research Centre. The boxplots show the results for allele frequency bins of 2.


Moreover, the moduli space of flat connections, or more generally of Yang–Mills connections, is closely related to the moduli space of holomorphic bundles obtained from geometric invariant theory.

Qianqian Zhang: Towards Cattle Precision Breeding Using Next Generation Sequencing

The contribution of particular chromosomes varies strongly Figure 4. Furthermore, this is evidence that QTL explaining a large fraction of the trait variation might remain undetected in validation populations without well-defined phenotypes.

Journal of Anatomy Nat Rev Disssertation 5: The aim of the present study was to gain insights into the genetic architecture of a disseryation aspect of skin pigmentation and to provide the basis for more efficient selection for animals that are less susceptible to serious eye diseases. A similar mechanism is plausible for eye-area pigmentation in cattle. Fitting a linear regression model yielded an average substitution effect of However, one must be aware of the complexity of the phenotype in the present study.

The GWAS was performed using a mixed model based approach to account for population stratification. The GWAS in Chapter 4 identified candidate genes for eye-area pigmentation that are well known to interact in a complex fashion, however the data did not allow to quantify the extent of non-additive effects. The blue dots indicate the P values excluding those from the associated regions on chromosome PAX3 is a transcription factor known to be involved in melanogenesis [35].

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The lack of detailed knowledge of the genomic organization, the imprinting status and transcriptional content of the associated region on chromosome 21 precluded the analysis dissertstion candidate genes, although a functional implication of the region in fetal growth and thus pCE seems obvious when considering that fetal growth retardation is symptomatic for the Prader-Willi syndrome. Association of 30, SNPs on chromosome 6 with ambilateral circumocular pigmentation in bubert of the Fleckvieh population.


Fisher RA The correlation between relatives on the supposition of Mendelian inheritance. Natural Selection or Social Preference?

Skjervold H Supernumerary Teats in Cattle. However, the identified QTNs account for a minor part of the heritability only [40]. However, expression of MLZE in growing metastatic melanomas implies a contribution of MLZE to melanoma progression [41] [53] and thus possibly to normal melanocyte development.

Exploiting whole genome sequence variants in cattle breeding: Sophisticatedly implemented algorithms dissertatioj for the efficient computation of large-scale mixed-model based GWAS e.

hubert pausch dissertation

The star locates the candidate quantitative trait nucleotide position, ablating a poly A site. Progeny records were available for individuals only. The present study certainly demonstrates the leverage potential of applying progeny-derived phenotypes for efficient selection of animals with eye-area pigmentation.

hubert pausch dissertation

Goddard ME The validity of genetic models underlying quantitative traits. Klein R Power analysis for genome-wide association studies. Animals known to carry favorable alleles for the chromosome 14 and 21 QTL could now be more stringently selected with regard pauusch beef traits.

Similar interactions of DKK2 uhbert frizzled 3 with Wnt signalling during embryonic mammary gland development are plausible, as SNTs can be considered as ectopic features of the mammary gland. Annual Review of Genetics