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Girl working register at dunkin donuts

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Are the latte and Coolatta machines finicky?

Dunkin’ fires employees after refusing off-duty police officer wearing a ‘blue line’ hat

We start talking in weird voices. What's the most annoying thing to make? What's your favorite seasonal doughnut? Is it difficult to make the Coolattas?

It's like a mix of a microwave and an oven. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses. At the end of the night, when we close up, we normally throw everything away. When I do go to work really hungover, sometimes I'll eat a sandwich there and I'll get hash browns with the sandwich. I think we have too much caffeine in us. McLaughlin, CNN CNN -- A transgender woman is suing Dunkin' Donuts and one of its Pennsylvania franchisees after, the woman alleges, managers at a Bethlehem store allowed customers to harass and attack her, then fired her when she complained and left work to protect herself.

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The franchise owner, who independently owns and operates this restaurant, informs us that the two individuals responsible have been terminated. The EEOC sent Doe a notice of her right to sue her former employer last month, saying it was "terminating the processing of this charge. What's your favorite part about working at Dunkin' Donuts?

Only the chicken salad and tuna salad freak me out because [they] looks like cat food. Somebody told me that when you order a "regular" coffee, that xunkin that they want a certain amount of sugar and cream in it.

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What's the best kind of customer? Probably something dollars. And if someone made their coffee wrong at the drive-through, they'll come back inside to the front counter and yell at us. Dujkin franchisees are required by their franchise agreement to comply with all applicable laws," a corporate statement said.

What it's really like to work at dunkin' donuts

Triangle Doughnuts told the commission that Doe was fired for violating the company policy that employees must request time off two weeks in advance, the Gir, says. Oh, yeah. We don't have them in our store. A truck comes before we open in the morning, and another one comes later in the afternoon.

A transgender woman is suing Dunkin' Donuts and one of its Pennsylvania franchisees after, the woman alleges, managers at a Bethlehem store allowed customers to harass and attack her, then fired her when she complained. Triangle also has no anti-retaliation policy, the lawsuit says.

ag When's prime time to go buy doughnuts? The employee behind the counter told Parizek that she would not serve him. Benjamin Hackett of the Workijg Police Department told CNN he could not find an incident report from April or May matching Doe's complaint, but he noted that this particular Dunkin' Donuts is situated in a bar district and is the subject of numerous calls to police.

What's your least favorite part? But when they do need cleaning in the middle of the day, we have to tell people it's out of order. Oh, yes.

That they always give me hours when I need work. No patience. I usually work eight-hour shifts and I'll drink, like, two or three with the extra shots in them.

Paul Parizek said they refused service to him. So we have this tray we put them on workint the oven for something seconds per batch. It outlines claims of harassment, a hostile work environment, wrongful termination, retaliatory discharge and a failure to accommodate her HIV status, among its 18 counts.

I would say the Holiday Star. Yeah, some people say a dash of cream, or one cream, or say that they want Splenda.

Dunkin' donuts employee reviews

Yeah, we do a lot actually. The glazed or chocolate frosted. The people who work the weekday mornings, this is their career.

Have you ever been to work hungover? Dunkin' Donuts spokeswoman Michelle King declined to comment on the litigation, but said Dunkin' Donuts locations are independently owned and that neither the plaintiff nor defendants are employed by the company.

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Doe did just that, it says. He did not provide an answer to a followup requesting information on how the commission decides to terminate a charge and what a termination entails. If their sandwiches are wrong, if they have cheese on them and they asked for no cheese. The assistant manager reegister manager also misgendered her, despite her repeated requests to stop, Doe alleges.

How much coffee do you drink during a shift? We open at 5, so openers get there at And they'll give the person the sandwich that's on the receipt, but the person really wanted something else. Sometimes in the middle of the day, it'll say you need to clean it, and the cleaning process takes a few minutes so that shuts them down for a little bit. And we're technically supposed to pay — we get an employee discount though — on sandwiches and bagels, I think, but we pretty much just eat them.

What's the worst type of customer? What do you think is the most popular drink?