It then moves into a shot from the front of them, still running they pass the camera into another follow shot. Links to the themes of failure, imperfection and self worth. Jerome was designed to be the best of the best, his dream was to become the greatest swimmer however always coming second place made him feel like he wasnt forfilling peoples expectations. From an early age, Vincent harbours a dream to go to Titan. All through the film Jerome struggled to live up to the expectations set for him when he was conceived, of being the ‘best of the best’, this is symbolized when he gets a medal but for second place, this is like saying he didn’t prove to be what they designed him to be like. The only other action he really does is smoking. Despite his perfect genes, Eugene is paralysed from his accident and lives in a state of atrophy.

She supports Vincent and she demonstrates to us what it’s like for a valid to want to be like other valids because she is not good enough. Jerome is the perfect person, Aka — he has the right genes. After his swimming escapade and as he leaves home to forge a new personality, Vincent rips his photo out of the album, literally tearing away his visual identity. Include illustrations that accurately depict what this location looks like. I think this is a good shot because them passing the camera shows the speed at which they are going. He wants to fit into his family and an example of him trying to do that is when he wanted to be blood brothers with Anton. Vincent is seen shaving and washing.

How are certain aspects of the characters’ personalities gattca linked with the theme? This was very hard for him because he didn’t have genetically engineered genes and had to compete with everyone with the super humans. The staircase resembles a DNA strand; the double helix one of the biggest symbols in the film.


Jerome is willing to help Vincent achieve his dreams by giving him pieces of his identity, whereas Anton has always tried to crush Vincent; to be superior to him in every way. Intro Anton – That Vincent is scornful towards his brother and dad. Jerome changes from a harsh, cold, uninviting, depressed, bitter, irenr and socially reserved person to a compassionate, nice, caring and resolved person.

gattaca irene essay

How their different personalities effected the relationship. The camera zooms in on the string of rosary beads and a crucifix to highlight the religious views of his mother, Irenee. A limited time offer! There are many close ups to show facial expressions and moves. In this scene the murder investigation is undertaken.

But she doesn’t have the determination to do it not like Vincent does. Throughout it is obvious that he lacks strength of character and is embittered and egotistical.

Her job because she is constantly surrounded by people who are genetically superior to her, this may suggest that she is unconfident with herself because she can’t weigh-up with the others.

Vincent is conditioned to see himself as gattzca She is reasonably attractive and young. Also, sometimes we make our own happiness, by the choices we make or the experiences we go through. He had the shin extension surgeries to make him taller like Jerome, and he had his teeth altered. The tests result is in-valid, but the doctor, Lamar, who did Vincent’s interview at Gattaca, tells him that he has known Vincent’s identity all along, saying, edsay future reference, right-handed men don’t hold it with their left.

gattaca irene essay

The use of both music and amplified sound in this part of the scene helps build tension. This is followed by a pin-prick blood test, revealing how gene-testing becomes their security system. I was never more certain of how far away I was from my goal than when I was standing right beside it.


He also ireme his keyboard with a small instrument.

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Jerome did his best to help Vincent live up to his dream because he could no longer do his. How do particular settings in the film relate to this theme? A final comment on discrimination The world of Gattaca, based as it is on discrimination, is, the director would suggest, just irehe dangerous as discrimination in traditional areas such as esssay, gender and religion.

All the people at Gattaca crowded around to see what was going on.

You might get ideas. An example of this is when Jerome and Irene are escaping through the alley.

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Back on Earth, Jerome climbs inside his essa incinerator, puts on his silver medal and fires up the flames. Vincent highlights the association of love and happiness gattaaca used to ensure security and emotional satisfaction. Jerome was in a tragic accident overseas, therefore losing the ability of his legs. Being human means that you will have flaws.

Write a historical article detailing the technological advances that have lead to the world Gattaca takes place in.

Construct a tourist brochure for one of the following locations in the film or choose your own location.