Discuss this with your thesis supervisor well ahead of time. Get into a routine. When you meet with a potential supervisor, come prepared with as much information as possible about your topic of interest. Help is available from the interim advisor if there is one, and from the director of the interdisciplinary program. Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. Give yourself time to develop your ideas, but recognize real procrastination and try to avoid it.

This will help ensure that the student has not forgotten anything, and give the student a sense of whether his or her expectations about turnaround time and feedback are feasible for the supervisor. Among the more specific questions related to resource allocation, training and research that might be discussed are: Remember that good writing in any discipline has a lot to do with preparation. The thesis supervisor plays the biggest role by approaching colleagues who have the expertise and inviting them to join the committee. Any research or study involving human participants conducted at Carleton facilities or undertaken by persons connected to the University that involves one of the following three scenarios must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Research Ethics Board. Thesis metadata such as title, author and abstract will be publicly available in uO Research.

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Thesis prize nomination and selection A candidate whose thesis is not recommended for the defence following a second reading by the examiners must withdraw from the program. In submisslon cases, permission may not be required if the use seems to fall under the fair dealing exception and if this fair dealing can be demonstrated.


fgps thesis submission

The director can recommend intervention if he or she sees cause for concern. Keeping in touch through regular meetings The time allotted for this purpose is specified by the chair. The candidate must submit a revised version of the thesis to the examiners. The student who decides to revise fgsp or her thesis must file it for defence with the same jury within a maximum period of three 3 consecutive terms. Effective May 15, these boards are: Then submit it with your thesis.

In exceptional circumstances, one examiner may be allowed to participate by videoconference.

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Try to impose a structure on each day. The same quality and ethical standards apply to all thesis formats. Others want to read and comment on each chapter as it is drafted. Legend List thezis explain all acronyms or symbols used frequently in your text.

fgps thesis submission

The list of examiners is proposed by the student in consultation thesiz his or her supervisor. Who directly helped you along the way? Once the student and supervisor have discussed and agreed on the work plan, the student should give the supervisor a copy. Dissertation and Thesis Preparation. The room is reserved 30 minutes before the start of the defence.

fgps thesis submission

In addition, the AWHC Web site offers a multitude of online documents designed to help students improve their writing skills. The thesis supervisor should know what approvals are required and how they can be obtained, but the student is ultimately responsible for obtaining these approvals.


Fps, it subbmission be done properly to avoid plagiarism. It helps bring the thesis topic into sharper focus. Supervisors should always inform students if they require more than the usual amount of time to provide feedback.

Thesis Requirements

To learn more, please refer to the animal care information on the University Web site. The student must submit paper copies if necessary to the office responsible for the organization of the evaluation and the defence of his or her thesis. Be sure to watch the short instructional video.

Assign clear titles and dates to all your electronic files and back them up on an external drive. Even if you simply want to procure the services of a copy editor to lightly proofread and edit your text, you should obtain the permission of your thesis supervisor.

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Using material from other works without giving proper credit constitutes plagiarism. In this case, the thesis is returned to the candidate to complete the required revisions, corrections thssis changes.

The FGPS provides each academic unit with a list of those students whose theses were recommended. In this case, the candidate may be asked to withdraw from the program. Discuss this with your thesis supervisor well ahead of time.