Polythene bags are the most dangerous aspect in pollution of enivorment. The wandering animals like cows and buffaloes eat them which lead to their deaths. Mar 8, Some scientists have called for reclassifying plastic as a hazardous waste. Retailers argue that plastic bags are cheaper than paper and therefore prefer them over alternatives. How can one determine the external cost of leaving plastic bags in the bottom of the ocean? Also in water they can get stuck in the rocks and then get the fishes and other animals entangled.

Now, we are wasting this precious resource in manufacturing plastic bags when we could use it for more useful things, such as automobile gas. It may reduce, but not eliminate the mass use of plastic unless we ban plastic bags entirely. Plastic is a material which is non decomposable, degradable substance We are far better off not using them at all than it is to try and find an alternative plastic solution to the use of cheap plastic bags. Listed below are some health hazards on land, and sea. With a hour delay you will have to wait for 24 hours due to heavy workload and high demand – for free I agree to wait a whole day. If there is in comprising ielts teaching expert essay use in writing tips for lovers per word analysis indicate.

In India for example, a family unit has been found to use an estimated 10 kilogram every year. Introduction Oolythene though a ban on usage of plastic bags was imposed, it has not yet been implemented in a true sense.

essay on hazards of polythene bags

Without plastic our life will become quite difficult on this planet. Government regulations have been implemented that ban some chemicals from being used in specific plastic products.

Plastic bottles, containers, etc. Plastic bags are very popular with both retailers as well as consumers because they are cheap, strong, lightweight.

Essay on hazards of polythene bags

Cadmium when absorbed in the low doses can cause vomiting and heart enlargement. They can get blown by the wind in the way of drivers and may cause accidents if they prevent the visibility of the drivers even for a few seconds.


essay on hazards of polythene bags

Are plastics harmful to health? It is also important that people be educated and informed on the negative effects of the plastic bags in order to refrain from poor disposal and littering.

It is esaay in different aspects of our life, starting from the toothbrush in the morning and pen for writing to polythene bag in which we carry different items. Although some people may reuse or recycle plastic bags, all bags eventually end up in the trash or scattered in the environment. If we ban the use of plastic bags, then we can decrease lf dependency on foreign oil and reduce the environmental destruction caused by this industry. Technology has been used to come up with degradable plastic bags from the combination hhazards plastic with starch or the photogradable type of plastic.

There are approximately 46, pieces of plastic floating in each square mile of our coastal area. We do not know for sure how long it takes to break down plastic bags, but according to Environmental Magazine, it takes or more years to break down and will become litter that clogs storm drains and threatens marine wildlife Environmental Magazine.

As far as plastic bags are concerned they should be used as many times as possible thus curtailing their use. Polythene bags have harmful effects to hazarde environment.

They are very dangerous to have around young children because they can cause choking or worse suffocation if left unattended. This means that there should be a reduction polytehne the use of plastics; Conservation in this regard should be practiced.

Plastic bags are the preferred mode of packaging for many products in the markets of today. There are a variety of bags available and they are put to different uses. Single-use plastic bags are also well known for their interference in ecosystems and the essxy they play in flood events, where they clog pipes and drains. From polyhene till we sleep all the materials which we use are packed in plastic covers. In order to counter the problems brought about by the bags, several measures need to be taken.


According to Food Democracy, it takes aboutgallons of oil to produce million plastic bags, and the U.

Hazards of Plastic Bags | Essay Example

These plastic bags can be seen dangling from trees, electric wires, poles, balconies of houses and wherever they land, creating an eyesore, and acquiring them from such high up places becomes a cumbersome task, for the municipality. However the ubiquitous polythene bags have become major health hazards. There are about 80 diseases caused by water borne germs, and only one piece of plastic is enough to block a drain causing water logging which in turn becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that cause these diseases.

Animals are also negatively affected as consumption of plastic. Even villages are not free from it. Manufactures too find these bags very effective to advertise their products and use it for this purpose very freely. Studies have shown that hundreds of thousands of animals and marine life each year are affected and they suffer a painful and slow death when they accidentally ingest plastic bags reuseit. It is a simple issue which can be solved easily, but if neglected can lead to serious consequences.

By AndreaD, This essay made me cry. Sometimes animals and birds in these regions consume them mistaking them as food.