Archived from the original on 30 September Unprecedented destruction the rainfall witnessed in Uttarakhand state was also attributed, by environmentalists, to unscientific developmental activities undertaken in recent decades contributing to high level of loss of property and lives. Cloudbursts , floods and rapid swelling of fast-flowing rivers aren’t uncommon. The National headquarters despatched a two member team to Uttarakhand on the 19th June for carrying out assessment of the needs of the community in coordination with the officials of the Uttarakhand state Red Cross branch and to follow it with the organisation of relief work. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The routes they took in the past, including ravines and streams, were blocked with sand and rocks.

Lack of an early warning system, effective evacuation plans and a responsive disaster management system added to the calamity. They place the blame on successive governments who have prioritized large scale infrastructure construction and neglected disaster prevention. Retrieved 21 June Six-hundred and eight villages, covering a population of ,, in 23 districts of Uttar Pradesh were affected by the flood and drought. The routes they took in the past, including ravines and streams, were blocked with sand and rocks. But this time the floodwaters, loaded with tens of thousands of tones of silt, boulders and debris from dam construction, found no outlet. A lot of villages have been severely affected between Govindghat and Ghangaria area and major casualties are expected in the Govindghat area.

essay on cloudburst in uttarakhand 2013

The reason the floods occurred was that the rainfall received was on a larger scale than the regular rainfall the state usually received. Learn more about ReliefWeb. However, looking at the extent of damage, the death toll is likely to be higher than what India has ever seen during a uttzrakhand.


Responsive disaster management 6. A cloudburst is sudden copious rainfall. The deluge has washed away coludburst, bridges and other infrastructure. Growth of tourism 3.

At least 30 killed as heavy rains lash 2 Jul Uttarakhand Cloudburst: Cloudbursts, floods and rapid swelling of fast-flowing rivers aren’t uncommon. In Balwakot village, people have lost their homes and are currently staying at an ashram hermitage.

2013 North India floods

Activists say despite the many floods, landslides and cloudbursts in recent years, nobody has learnt any lessons. The Uttarakhand Government announced that due to the extensive damage to the infrastructure, the temple will be temporarily closed to regular pilgrims and tourists for a year or two, but the temple rituals will still be maintained by priests.

Location Maps – Country maps for your reports and presentations. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. India portal Nepal portal Disasters portal s portal.

Uttarakhand flash floods – A report – India | ReliefWeb

The most affected villages in Uttarkashi district were around Harsil where a lot of tourists were stranded. It also attracts large number of tourists as it is a hill state and home to many holiday retreats. Every day, bodies of deceased are being recovered by the relief agencies from the flooded areas and the mud slides that are spread over vast areas of the hill state. This is the worst affected district. The Wall Street Journal. Development in hill towns and along rivers 2.

All roads from Joshimath upstream have been washed away; the area is accessible only with helicopters or on foot. Indiscriminate construction of hydroelectric dams 8. The devastating floods of Uttarakhand which ravaged the region by killing thousands and leaving hundreds of other stranded has more man-made factors and less natural cause behind it. The list had details about the place they were stranded in, the contact person they wanted to inform their whereabouts, a message they wished to convey, phone number etc.


Uttarakhand flash floods – A report

No major health issue has been reported. The team deployed at Dehradun established contact with FMRs and Patwaris in these affected Districts and the FMRs prepared lists of people who were stranded in their region. Flash Flood Uttwrakhand Land Slide. Indiscriminate construction of hydroelectric dams was the biggest mistake.

essay on cloudburst in uttarakhand 2013

Over dams, part of hydroelectric projects, have been proposed or are being built on the Ganga and its tributaries — Mandakini, Bhagirathi and Alaknanda — in Uttarakhand. Retrieved 18 June Retrieved 21 June Over 10, rescued amidst misery and devastation”.

essay on cloudburst in uttarakhand 2013

The Char Dham area the pilgrimage circuit of Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotrimost affected by the recent floods and landslides alone has around 70 dams. According to environmentalist GD Agrawal “This disaster will continue if the central and state governments don’t stop the rush to clear projects,” As per experts indiscriminate development in hill towns and along rivers has blocked the natural flow of water and exacerbated flood damage.

Around 50 such messages were delivered about these stranded people to their families that were waiting for information about their loved ones.