Plastic hanger is more flexible and easy to handle. But, our signature product would be the multi-purpose furniture as we promoting something that could be better and easier. Thank you for our all classmates whom also help us in giving us the information whenneeded. Registrar of Companies, hereby certify that In a partnership, partner agree to undertake a joint business and jointly on the business. If we not be careful during move the product it can be broke down easily. This business is founded by five partners.

All the money owns by the partnership or money received on behalf of the partnership must be credited to the agreed partnership current bank account. As in this case, we realized we had to production or manufacturing. Also, they are strong and durable and very versatile. Create your own flipbook. Salaries and WithdrawalsEach partner should receive any salary for services rendered to the partnership. Help Center Find new research papers in:

The potential purchase includes purchase of the competitor within the same market.

ent300 business plan uitm

Thisbusiness plan is constructed to serve as a blueprint and guide for a proposal businessventure plah covers administration, production, operation, marketing, and also financialaspects. I also promise to obey all the regulations that stated in thispartnership agreement for Delicious Enterprise.

Mission Become the major exporter in Johor within 5 years. The graph show that Platanos Enterprise is able to repay our obligations since the percentage paln decreases by years.


The graph show that Platanos Enterprise is a profitable company for the owner of the investment and how profitably a company employs its equity. We chose this business because we want togive ejt300 new to bakery en300 pastry products already existing now. Moreover, N4AS offers multi-purpose grill and steamboat table which is a newproduct in our country. To be precise, the business of curtain tailoring service is still new in the market so,we take a risk to open up this business after all we believe that curtains is the mainelement in the home decoration.


The function is to makesure that each individual in the organization can run the work with a good discipline,consistent and more effective.


This business plan is constructed to serve as a blueprint andguide for a proposed business venture which covers administration, marketing,operation and financial aspects. Other than that, customers likeproducts with good quality along with low price. Remember me on this computer. Thus, decreasing the production of banana.

We hope that this business plan will satisfy your requirement. Therefore, we can attract our potential customer in the target market. People are more interested to decorate their houses with elegant concept alignedwith trends nowadays to enhance the ambience of their living space.

Owned by the partnership and partners because it is not a separate legal entity Partnership Act S. The total population in Melaka ispeoples. Future Prospects of Business: It means that someone hastaken the time to explain about their plans and intention of the business for its futuresuccess. The similarity between our company and the competitors are we both producing a furniture.

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It is important to choose the right curtain because it willaffect the buslness decoration of the house. To show our product. It is important for our company in order to make the proper marketing strategy andit will becoming more easy to manage and run our business since we have known thecustomer demands and also to make sure our effort in marketing and distributing hadbeen successfully satisfy the customer.


ent300 business plan uitm

Inorder to make our project run smoothly we appreciate any comments or remarks in orderto help us improve ourselves as well. By usingthis method, our company can compete with other competitors and run the companylonger. The representative of the death partners can appoint to the business under theMalaysian Law. Therefore the location are strategic for our store. Has ability to face and deal with peopleExperience: This style-driven interior design monthly is both inspiring and practical, and features some of the most innovative home designs, the latest decor trends, furnishings, accessories, as well as design industry tips, ideas and know-how.

This business will not be dissolve if one of the partners is death but it will be dissolve if all partners are agreed to dissolve it. We choose this business because it canbe a potential business and can make a high profit.

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We distribute the flyers to all the residents area. Our business based on bakery and pastry food. So eht300 provide aservice where customers just walk in to our store, tell us about the concept that theywant, then we will choose the rights design of curtains that suit with their housedecoration concept. Our company name inspired from the meaning of Violet itself which is, imagination and spirituality.