Financial Manager Lina stage 2 , stage 4 , stage 6 , stage 8, stage 10 and stage Other than that, our business operation cost is not too high because our supplier is situated not too far away from our business location. Operational Manager in Violet The Carpenter 1. The climate is suitable for planting the bananas because it is not so hot and not to rainy. Violet The Carpenter is a new business in its existing market.

This will be establish a healthy, consistent revenue base to ensure the stability ofbusiness. Our business based on bakery and pastry food. Salesgirl at Muhibah Sdn. Future Prospects of Business: Thus, we can accomplished our objectives and minimized the obstacles.


To sustain the business to move en3t00 by the time. It includes many of the various kinds of baked products made from ingredients such as flour, sugar, milk, butter, shortening, baking powder, and eggs. Bakery and pastry is refer to exaple specialization within the category of food preparation and service.

So we take this opportunity to bring out our name, which is Violet The Carpenter. I promise to accomplish every duty assigned and willing to give full commitment towards the organization management.

The business capital is amounted to RMResponsible in administration activities and arrange the entire personnel administration plan. We sell our Platanos Banana at the most affordable and cheapest price among the other competitors. The graph show that Platanos Enterprise is more efficient at converting sales into actual profit because of the higher net profit margin. Cost of Sales Opening stock Purchases 13, 13, 13, Less: Thus to prevent this became more terrible we need to remove the banana plant and replant it again.


By this planning, all strategies and compilation canbe effectively identified that it can be solved in a short time without affecting the business.

This business was founded and managed by five partners and determined to give a great opportunity to public to supply our product in order to conquer our market.

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The production operation refers to the amount of output that can be produced within a specific time. After all, they are used to keep all sorts of materials and contents so they are very reliable.

We are offering product that are produce from the fresh bananas farm, which will give our plaj the best taste and quality of bananas. For our business, we will create many new products and something special for our customer. In our business, we use chase strategy to yields optimum return. Violet The Carpenter is a new business in its existing market.

Voluntary TerminationThe partnership may be dissolved at any time by agreement of the partners, in whichevent the partners shall proceed with reasonable promptness to liquidate thebusiness of the partnership. With a contribution of RM 20, of each of the partners which bring the total of RM, Operational plan will demonstrate the operational aspect of the business that is crucial in transforming the business input and output. Market share before Platanos Enterprise exist: Thus, below is the calculation for the output per month.


Thank you for our all classmates whom also help us in giving us the information whenneeded. The net profits of the partnership shall be divided equally between the partners andthe net losses shall be borne equally by them.

ent300 business plan example

According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the number of population in the Kluang area is approximatelypeoples. It is to ensure our employees welfare will be protected and get the benefit.

General1 Manager 1 By doingthis,our food can penetrate the food consuming trend not only by the Malays but alsosuitable for others race as everyone can accept the food to be their daily consumers.

Our market size is calculated based on the total of population in Kluang citizens. So, we have to make a decision properly in choosing a location plan in order to operate our business successfully. Hiring a contractor to make structural changes to your home will cost a lot of exampple.

ent300 business plan example

The strategic ways to complete our marketing plans exapmle by doing survey from peoples, interview, and distributes questionnaires. Any additional pay is to follow current profit and will be present in the end of annualfinancial report.