For a complete listing of the Standards, go to: Have them construct a survey that gets to the heart of the issues related to this act. Then ask them to survey at least 25 people. As a literary text, the work lends itself to the study of primary elements: Furthermore, El Tirindaro demanded beer and drugs from any immigrant that wished to live in peace and security. How do these problems continue to haunt Enrique after he is reunited with his mother?

Compare and contrast the fear that Enrique experiences in Florida to what he faced on his journey to the United States. Cite specific quotes from the book to support arguments. Why is their hope fragile? Nevertheless, his evil traits were displayed in his addiction to heroin. How does it contribute to her failure as a student?

enriques journey essay topics

Although he approached several people, only a couple of drivers agreed to let him clean the vehicle. Nazario uses figurative language to convey and enlarge the meaning of the text. What new information has Nazario revealed? What advice would they give to new immigrants who are faced with adjusting to a new culture?

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enriaues Contrast the images of the United States that Lourdes and Enrique see on television versus what each finds in the United States. For a complete listing, go to: Is it good for the countries from which they are migrating? Your essay must be at least 3 pages longhave a Works Cited Pageand must go through at least 1 revision. Allow time for each group to share the lyrics in class and lead a discussion that draws a relationship between hope expressed in the lyrics and the journey of migrants like Enrique.


To download the original guide, go to: The documents downloaded from eCheat.

enriques journey essay topics

Malone’s account of the murder of DEA underground agent In AugustEnrique receives a visa to remain journy the United States. Spend class time comparing the various results.

What is the next chapter in the immigration debate? Have students write about why people might have different views on immigration and how that can affect how people are treated.

enriques journey essay topics

Therefore, the people in Nuevo Laredo are evil due to their vices and lack of compassion. What are the gray areas of the issue? Have the groups analyze the statistical data that Nazario provides and shape a debate on both sides of the issues.

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Amy Wright, Mar 18, Describe topica guilt that Lourdes feels when she leaves her children. Essay Criteria The following is the criteria that you will also be graded on.


For a complete listing of the Standards, go to: There is a constant theme of families being separated and reunited throughout the text. Titles for consideration may include: What does Enrique expect from his mother once he has found her? In five pages these plays topiccs compared and analyzed in a consideration of irony and expectation as well as appearance versus reali What is the significance of the tipics of Jesus Enrique encounters?

How did they decide to come to your state and community? What chance do his children have for a better life?

What does the United States offer Latin American immigrants that they cannot get in their own countries? Consider using symbols and very few words to describe the information in the esday.

Essays on Enrique’S Journey

How does he survive? Discuss the effect of immigration on families. Latino immigrants come to the United States with hope for a better life. The following is the criteria that you will also be graded on.

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