By giuseppe d’angelo and Emiliana Mangone. In this transnational perspective, the development of new information and communication technologies plays a leading role, participating in the presence of these highly qualified and skilled migrants in different spaces within which they have evolved. By analyzing the rationaleexpressed by the student and the graduate and how it evolves we can put forward that we are in the presence of a population of Maghrebian engineers who construct their paths autonomously if we compare them to the previous generation which Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge-JMK, , 1 1 , 52 ISSN: Despite this explosion of migratory paths, it is still noticeable that the individuals concerned, eager for things new, never cut the ties which link them to their native culture, and their nearest and dearest. This process, far from disappearing, even increases with time in their professional activity, due to the necessity of taking into account the decisions to be made, mostly concerning their family. Another perception of borders and mobility From a circulatory rationale to an identity quest Thesettlement of highly skilled Maghrebians abroad in no way indicates that they have cut their ties with their native society. What strategies do they develop to cope with possible multiple belongings?

Trajectoires scolaires des Marocains en France et insertion professionnelle au Maroc. Thus, the questions of settlement of and identification with different lands often end by becoming central in the views of the interviewees. They are different from the others however, in the importance that they give to the opening of possible fields, that is to say the rapport they have with their environment; certain graduates express a continuous desire to broaden it by being constantly on the lookout for opportunities or satisfaction with their current situation by privileging professional stability. If others appear to be very open to the idea of one more or less far off day returning to France, or elsewhere, and, they do not exclude it, returning again to Morocco, it is a circulation in transnational space in different forms which is envisagedand which falls within a veritable migratory circulation dynamic Ma Munget al. It was observed that the migration of these highly skilled individuals is neither irrevocable nor unidirectional. There is this international group and, I am really thinking about it, telling myself that at the end of 3 years….


Mots pluriels, 20, It also concerns those who returned home.

dissertation internationalisation des échanges et mondialisation

As for the analytical approach, we carried out a structural analysis of the interviews, mondiapisation as to up-date the rationale involved. For more or less 4 years….

Their immersion in a new socio-cultural environmentde facto influences the way in which they see themselves the mirror effect of the experience of alterityand changes the way they perceive their native and host societies. Hommes et Migrations, The professional identity of these engineers is built in a multi- dimensional context, which mixes personal aspiration, family injunctions and political and economic contexts.

dissertation internationalisation des échanges et mondialisation

The engineers that we met within the framework of the study had graduated from different French engineering schools between andafter having obtained their Baccalaureate High School Diploma in their native countries, had followed preparatory classes for French engineering schools in France, or theMaghreb diswertation entered directly via a university.

The Maghrebian graduates whose paths we have studied thus fall within a mindset of space spanning several countries and of perpetual travelling among different spaces which are familiar to them Jamid, To this end, the dt is often only a particular stage in the migratory path, and in no way constitutes a permanent settlement: To try to sooth the tensions associated with the question of distancing brought about by each decision made, these highly qualified and skilledMaghrebians develop reappropriation of space strategies by creating new omndialisation constant toing and froing among the native and host countries, the creation of networks, associations, Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge-JMK,1 160 ISSN: I was contacted by a head hunter….

In the same way, from the écuanges, we were able to pinpoint the representation of space and relationships with mobility that the individual employed to construct the rationale of his career path. So that is the least I can do today, it is really to keep in touch…to share what I have learned in France and the United States with the youngsters….

North Africa as a reserve of cheap labour for Europe.

UED Pescara – Università Europea del Design di Pescara

Although mobility for studies is still one of the least studied aspects of international migration Internationalisatin,it has been the subject of a series of studies and research programs.

Revue internationale des sciences mondalisation, 2 At a time of economic globalization and worldwide exchanges, foreign citizens are considered to be human, scientific and technical capital, not only a factor in the creation of economic wealth and growth, but a guarantee of the skills sought by the companies. The impression of a multiple presence replaces in some ways the impression of distancing, for those individuals who feel they are able to act.


Whether they return to their native countries immediately upon graduation, after a first experience abroad or whether they chose to stay longer, or even permanently, the highly qualified and skilledMaghrebians manage to conciliate the multiple belongings within this transnational dynamic. Beyond the Disciplinary Borders: That is why,despite the initial statements, the migratory projects of certain engineers sometimes take on the form of a long term immigration and lasting socio-economic integration.

This presents itself as a permanent to and fro movement between the countries of origin and settlement. Migrants riches, migrants pauvres et nouvelles villes internationales.

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If the period abroad is henceforth possibly lasting or permanent, one never really knows when it is going to end, nor its true profile, which complicates mondia,isation plotting of individual careers and migratory paths. Circular cross-border dynamic, Highly skilled Maghrebians, Mobility. Introduction In the first years of independence, education in a foreign school was considered to be the best route to forming a new ruling elite for the countries of the Maghreb.

Les Marocaine en France. By giuseppe d’angelo and Emiliana Mangone. I am not speaking about a company, I am speaking mondiaalisation a country.

How do they solve the question of where they will settle and for how long temporary, definitive etc? Presses universitaires de France. Trajectoires scolaires des Marocains en France et insertion professionnelle au Maroc.

(PDF) Cultures meeting in Fiume (Rijeka), a multinational port | Adrienn Nagy –

Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Poitiers, France. La circulation migratoire, bilan des travaux. Thus, the questions of settlement of and identification with different lands often end by becoming central in the views of the interviewees.

dissertation internationalisation des échanges et mondialisation