The ripening and curing processes role in fruit softening. Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Board. Principles and Procedures of Statistics. A significant decrease was observed in moisture content during total period of storage. Click here to sign up. Chemical composition of the major date palm cultivars grown in U. Acetic acid also showed a similar trend, the start of the monsoon season, hence avoiding adverse but a far lesser degree.

The fruit is sweeter at this stage and is perishable. Among the local varieties in Dera Ismail Khan Dhakki is very popular for its jumbo size and weight with pleasure taste and texture [9]. For cumulative effect of varieties and maturity stages, cv. The main stages in the date palm life cycle are: Analysis of Zahidi date in Libya. Physicochemical and sensory characteristics like moisture, pH, TSS, color, flavor, texture and overall acceptability were studied for total period of six months. Asia stands first among region with 60 millions date palms mostly grown in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Yemen followed by African region with

Fruit length cm of six date cultivars at different maturity stages. The fruit is a drupe known as a date.

thesis dhakki dates

Nevertheless both of the treatments performed datfs their juiciness. Enhancement of postharvest quality and stability Smolensky, D. Help Center Find new research papers in: It is evident from the area that the trend of date palm cultivation is increasing.

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The total, reducing and non- reducing sugars were maximum The results Table 10 further showed that majority of date varieties are rich in reducing sugars glucose and fructose. Without the existence of the date palm, expansion dwtes human race into the hot and barren part of the ancient world would have been much more restricted.


It is gen- tic acid produced surface ripening of the dates. The fruits ripened Data regarding total soluble solids are presented in by the control treatment showed a uniform softness Table 4.

Moreover, the large quantity and non-infected fruits were selected, and brought to the of freshly ripened fruits from this peak production per- research laboratory of the Department of Food Science iod exceeds the demand for local consumption. Federal Bureau of Statistics of Pakistan, At early khalal stage, rain does not cause any damage and even may have a beneficial effect by washing dirt and dust [11].

thesis dhakki dates

Dhakki possessed maximum fruit length 5. G Khan Punjab and D.

Thesis dhakki dates – Ahmad Baloch | Gomal University –

Federal Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan, The astringency percentage was found maximum in cv. Issues in date production and exports.

thesis dhakki dates

It means that the freshly harvested ripened using the control treatment; however, fruits dates are said to contain more water and less total solu- treated with salt were least furrowed. Dates are naturally wind pollinated in datex traditional oasis and horticulture but in the modern commercial orchards they are entirely pollinated manually.


The severity of damage is related to the intensity and duration of frost. Facts and Figures researchgate.

Economics of growing date palm in Punjab, Pakistan. Date and Date Processing: Date palm is mainly sensitive to rain from khalal maturity to rutab and Tamar ripening. Helali by preharvest and postharvest treatments. The results are supported by the findings of Myhara et al. Some palms show resistance to their biotic pathogens and to conditions which cause abiotic diseases but all date palms are susceptible to mismanagement of water, the extremes of pruning and poor planting practices.

The term Phoenix dactylifera L. Ripening of Khasab dates by enzymes and their application in the quality improvement of mixed sodium chloride and acetic acid.

Physicochemical and Sensory Evaluation of Dhakki Dates Candy

The Date palm has religious values as well as cultural importance in all major religions of the world. Log In Sign Up.

Google Scholar Haritos, V. Post-harvest studies of different varieties of Date Palm Phoenix dactylifera L. Saraiki is the main spoken language spoken in Dera Ismail Khan. Seed weight g of six date cultivars at different maturity stages.