This process of understanding and inferring the relationship among clauses are referred to as integrative processing. In treatment, the students were taught by using SQ3R technique in reading class. The instrument that the writer used are reading test and questionnaire and the data were analyzed through SPSS Klingner , states that as the reader progresses through individual sentences, he or she is processing more than the individual meaning units within sentences. The objective of teaching English to Indonesian students is that the students are able to communicate in English both spoken and written to achieve the objectives of the study, i.

In addition, Ghazo , also found some problems in reading comprehension such as: It can be seen through the improvement of all reading aspects or indicators, namely the ability of finding main idea, detail information of the text, understanding the meaning of unfamiliar words, identifying the use of reference, and the ability of finding implied information of the text. In other words, SQ3R technique can be used as an alternative technique in teaching reading to the students at Junior High School level. These questions will be answered during the close reading of the text, 3. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. When he taught reading comprehension, he found that the students did not understand what they read and the students did not answer the questions from the text.

It helps the students to create a good metal framework of a subject, into which the reader can fit fact correctly. It means that the alternative hypothesis Ha is accepted.

When the students cannot infer the use of references in the text, the students should look them up and be sure to reread not only the sentence in which the reference appears but also the sentence which precedes it to ensure the students understand it. Undecided chosen by 5 participants in item 5, 2 participants in item 7, 9 and 10 and 1 participant in item 8. SQ3R technique is one technique in technnique activities.


thesis about sq3r technique

He or she is also actively making connections across sentences. Journal of Literature, Language and Linguistic. Relationship between Reading Comprehension Strategy use and daily free Reading time.

thesis about sq3r technique

The reading test consists of 25 multiple choice, while the questionnaire contains ten items. Furthermore, the result of SPSS 20 on table 2 shows that the mean score of the experimental group is higher than the control group. The population is all students of the eighth grade that is 41 students.

In addition, SQ3R technique successfully helps the students improve their reading comprehension. Reading also as a vital skill Li et al. Journal of Education, Vol. Have students review all of their spoken or written answers. Skip to main content. Also, Khakistate that second language reading comprehension is the most important skill for the students in foreign language context.

It means that learning reading comprehension by using SQ3R technique is comfortable, by using SQ3R technique the students easily to find out the main idea of the text, anout and detail information and the students admitted that the SQ3R technique need to be applied in learning reading comprehension because it assist them in learning reading comprehension.

There were 3 students classified as poor and none of the students classified as very poor.

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The procedures of doing treatment were the researcher taught the students by applying SQ3R technique by six steps: Reading Strategy Instruction, Metacognitive Awareness and Self-perception of striving college developmental readers.

The fourth step is to recite. It means that the SQ3R technique is better to applied in abouh reading comprehension. Besides, they could minimize the mistakes they had before.


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Journal of Language and Learning. The second one is the students who is a low achiever in reading afraid to make mistake in read a text in front of the class and also feel shy to their friend when do a mistake.

Sometimes, the students ever finally decided on a definition only to realize that they have forgotten what they were reading and must begin the sentence or paragraph all over again. It means in reading activities, the readers should be able to concentrate while their eyes moved to the text that is read in order to get information based on their background knowledge.

On the other hand, Hellekjaerreading is a crucial means of gaining new thesid and the students need to acquire effective strategies to cope with reading demands. The data was determined in table 1.

thesis about sq3r technique

Method This part contains the methodology of the research. They said that they face difficulties in comprehending the text and identifying the main idea of the text guessing or understanding the meaning of unfamiliar words in the text. Journal of Language and Learning, Vol. Error of Mean Post-test Control 12 In other words, Aboug technique can be used as an alternative technique in teaching reading to the students at Junior High School level.


SQ3R technique helps the students to set study goals.