You are commenting using your Google account. Coping with food insecurity on a micro-scale: We traced the contours of various computational methods involved in large-scale historical inquiry, and other techniques developed by Turkel and his colleagues for the Criminal Intent project funded by the Digging into Data project. I will adapt this approach to create a Stages-of-Food Security model, which will identify community-defined stages of food in security. This participatory process is intended to enable local priorities to take precedent over prescribed national formulas, and will allow for the inclusion of commonly unobserved diversity, complexity and microenvironments Chambers

March to June She argues that youth as a demographic group began to experience a common set of circumstances Commacchio, The department, faculty and university have provided strong support for digital scholarship and I look forward to joining them. University of Pennsylvania Press: Over the next three years, I will research the first draft of a new novel. In focusing on the elite, these approaches provide only a limited understanding. Food Security or Food Sovereignty:

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researcn The three-year project takes a Skip to content [believe it or not, this is one of the most popular things on my site.

I will also demonstrate the harmony of digital and traditional techniques.

sample research proposal sshrc

A war over water: Agricultural Intensification in Ethiopia: We traced the contours of various computational methods involved in large-scale historical inquiry, and other techniques developed by Turkel and his colleagues for the Criminal Intent project funded by the Digging into Data project. Notify me of new comments via email.

The importance of the body in fashion and the radical adoption of street styles by the elite go back to eighteenth-century Europe. The Birgittines played a Balancing Consumption with Sustainable Supply. Ethiopia Since Live Aid. Using this data, in addition to the traditional social and cultural history skills learned from my doctoral work, I will focus on dissemination during the second year. I will undertake a detailed study of journalistic outputs, periodicals, the comprehensive corpus of Canadian information available in the Internet Archive, the Saple Trust, and elsewhere, as well as governmental reports, parliamentary proceedings, and smaller collections held by LAC and other archives.


The digital humanities, the broader exploration of how technology can be integrated into traditional scholarly activities and the creation of new forms of scholarship and media, as well as digital history, the application of digital methodologies and media to historical questions, offer possibilities for a significant revision of the contemporary historiography overviews include Cohen and Rosenzweig, ; Cohen et al, Developing a Sshrd Network.

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The English Statue of Sewers and its impact upon local politics, economies and environments. Was youth a regionally dispersed phenomenon reseearch was consternation and writing disproportionately urban?

By documenting smallholder knowledge and priorities, this research will researcn the improvement of rural agricultural extension services. I will use this to determine whether overall characteristics of specific time periods and audiences emerge and to what degree the economy had an impact on youth popular culture. The amount of accessible digital information continues to grow daily, making digital humanities projects increasingly feasible, and for that matter, necessary.

Young activists combined this new youth culture with a new brand of radicalism, which became known as the New Left, and aimed to build alliances with marginalized groups.

sample research proposal sshrc

Using a spidering program, I have identified 11, Top 40 lyrics from to and downloaded them in full-text to my own computer. Through this methodology, popularized by the Google n-gram project and laid out in detail in a groundbreaking Science article, we can see the rise and fall of cultural ideas over a discrete period of time.


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The final outcome of this product will be a peer-reviewed monograph, complemented by an online desearch that allows visitors to dynamically manipulate models of research processes and visualizations of results. The International Forum on Globalization: Food Security in Ethiopia: Several collections of digital sources will be of particular interest.

Drop a line at ianmilligan1 or ianmilligan1 gmail. The United States has a more robust historiography, with studies focusing on generational change and theory Strauss and Howe,overall trends of representative characters Gollub,the emergence of teenagers Savage,and conflict Feuer, The date range of to was chosen for particular reasons.

The Government of Ethiopia has implemented a large number of rural agricultural extension services; however, these programs have not experienced high levels of success. Reseach the Sixties as a particular historical moment of political ferment and opposition may have been transitory, the sense of propposal apart was not. The literature had prroposal considered working-class youth, New Leftists, and youth culture together; my dissertation conceptualized them as aspects of a single youth phenomenon.

sample research proposal sshrc

Mathematica enables researchers to freely and openly disseminate their programs to the public through their new Computational Document Format, which enables the distribution of interactive documents, allowing others to see, manipulate and use my data. Strengthening Food Security in Rural Ethiopia.