The files are in the same location on my computer but the fresh install of Windows has confused your software. Then the calls started. And nobody bothered to inform me that my files are not being backed up anymore! The calls from foreign call centers are still coming. I would not recommend using this product. Not only does it protect your privacy poorly, JustCloud also goes out of its way to dodge any liability. I cancelled my Just Cloud account within 30 days of registering so should have had a full refund.

I bought a blu-ray burner and am going back old school — burning important files to disks and storing them off site. I would not recommend JustCloud. Are you a talented technical writer or blogger and would like to contribute to our website? Supports most operating systems Compatible with older operating systems. They supposedly lost my data and then have been unable to restore it in 6 months. I was a JustCloud user for 3 years and renewed for another 3 years.

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I guess by backing up Excel files I am a business. To add insult to injury, JustCloud refused to refund me for the remainder of my subscription by stating justclooud I have already passed the 14 days review date!

This morning I suddenly received an e-mail, the first since ages, from which I could deduct that I am still paying and, more so, paying more and more for additional busines that I never asked for. I demand a refund. Thousands of irreplaceable family pictures are gone! This issue was never resolved. The website is of little help and there is no community forum to get help from other users.


JustCloud is off cours, like a lot of others, just out to get your money….

justcloud business plan

The person I spoke to stated that he was not authorized to busihess a refun and would not give me any contact within JustCloud that had the authority. I agree with all the poor assessments. Though here at Cloudwards.

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I went home found it, and looked around on their website. I finally had to cancel my credit card they had on file and have it reissued to keep them from charging it.

And my favorite part about JustCloud is that I can share it with my clients and friends right from the website. When my PC had a hard drive crash, I though all would be fine but how wrong. The sharing prompt does state that the link will allow access, but this link will lead directly to a page to set up an account.

I tried a few sites non of which appealed to me, then a friend of mine told me about JustCloud. Justcloud is indeed cheap — but be careful: I removed files to get space back for latest backups, space remained the same. Over the last couple of years I have found JustCloud administration systems to be very poor and I have successfully challenged attempts to over charge me. All of my files were gone!


Your email address will not be published. In terms of feature availability JustCloud have certainly upped their game making cloud storage a simple and efficient task.

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I started out using the premium pack. That should give people reason to wonder about the company. Please do not subscribe with just cloud, try to find other provider. Nobody is even trying bisiness help. When I complained they simply blocked my account.

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They disabled the link to stop automatic renewals!!! They tried to extort me by saying I was a business then deleted all of my files. I just sent this message to JustCloud: Never recovered my files.

It has been almost a year, I do not have all of my files.

justcloud business plan

Justcloud lost 90GB half of my files on all of my devices. Our Mission WebHostingMedia is webmaster news portal that helps its users to find the web hosting plan they need.