The thesis is an independent study, and there must be close interaction between professor and student, as well as a very clear understanding of expectations for performance. Honors Research and Writing is available to thesis students to assist them in proposal writing, researching tasks, and execution of the thesis drafts. Additional It is appropriate to consult one of the styles manuals published by professional societies in your field. Almost all honors courses fulfill university general education requirements. The instructor in Honors is a technical advisor to the process. The Capstone is normally completed during the senior year and may be undertaken only if the student meets the eligibility requirements for graduation from the College 3.

This might also include a brief explanation of the sources you intend to use. They are expected to seek ways of improving the lives of others and make the following commitments: Students in the Honors College are encouraged to participate in international study. The Honors Living and Learning Community is comprised of three components: Other research or scholarship that relates to your thesis focus should be cited in the proposal as well. Graduating with University Honors By completing the prescribed honors course requirements and maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.

A description of the project and the concept bonors underlying it. The Honors Faculty The Honors College faculty come from academic departments from throughout the university. Valerie Torres at vatorres nmsu.

Graduating with Honors

The student will be required to submit a proposal to you and the Honors Dean for approval. Community service hours must be verified by a nonors of the agency or organization on a form approved by the Honors College. During their junior and senior years, Nmeu College Scholars will participate in the selection process for new Honors College Scholars.


Whatever the student chooses, the project should be creative and student generated. Before adopting a style guide, check with your thesis advisor.

Submitting a Proposal

Search Catalog Search Print Options. Honors internships Honor also exist to give students a medium for studying a particular problem and developing a research agenda.

Please feel free to contact the Honors office to discuss any aspect of your involvement with an Honors Thesis student. Ketelaar in the Honors College.

honors thesis nmsu

For upper-division courses, the requirement is a cumulative 3. They are expected to seek ways of improving the lives of others and make the following commitments:.

The Senior Nmau may be any one of the following: Nevertheless, like other thesis proposals, arts proposals should contain a clear statement of the project, a plan for its development, and a tentative plan for the exhibition, reading, or performance of the thesis. A minimum of 15 hours of community service per week, per semester is required for each honors credit hour to be waived.

In order to graduate from the Honors College with the designation of University Honors or Distinction in University Honors, a student must complete a Capstone.

Provide students with an interdisciplinary, intellectually challenging curriculum that integrates active and service-based learning; Promote university-wide undergraduate research and experiential opportunities, linking students with faculty mentors; Foster faculty enrichment and professional development; Encourage, mentor and guide students seeking postgraduate scholarships and fellowships; Offer students opportunities for developing leadership skills; Create a residential community that combines learning inside and outside the classroom.

Slade, Campbell, and Ballou. The Honors Living and Learning Community is comprised of three components: The potential for Growth: International Study Option Students in the Honors College are strongly encouraged to participate in an international experience.

They are expected to seek ways of improving the lives of others and make the following commitments: Waiver of honors credit for service learning or international study cannot be applied toward the final project requirement.


Students who do not have the flexibility to complete University Honors may still graduate with an Honors Certificate.

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The Honors College Scholarship is intended for those students who wish, based on their talent and leadership, to make a significant contribution to society.

It is a place where honors students live among a community of excellent students with outstanding academic records and who are interested in getting the most out of the academic opportunities offered to them at a large research institution.

Approval of the Dean of the Honors College must be obtained prior to beginning volunteer service to be eligible for this option. The front cover should contain the title of your thesis, your name, and the date of the thesis. Entering freshmen are automatically eligible for admission to the Honors College and Crimson Scholars by meeting one of the following criteria:.

Crimson Scholars receive a number of benefits, including: The Honors College encourages its students to perform thesiz public service. It also hosts many social and extracurricular academic activities. Detailed statement of thsis problem you propose to investigate.

honors thesis nmsu

tuesis Enrolling in Honors Courses Students do not have to be members of the Honors College to enroll in honors courses. The Honors College also seeks to create a community of scholars and mentors that fosters personal growth, critical thinking, leadership, independence, curiosity and social responsibility.