The world and management styles have both changed drastically. Syllabus and Recommended Books of Environmental Science. I experienced those who can write a long digest report with tons of annex but unable to resolve a simple dispute. They are Very unique and Different but they are easy as like shooting fish in a barrel. It was not only difficult for you guys, but the difficult for a person who has masters in it and heretical traits of this subject. Second, the CSS examination papers and a random sample of answer books of successful candidates should be given to an international panel representing the selection boards of a number of countries, like the UK, France and Singapore, with highly regarded civil services.

Alternatives to Court Feminism is not only a third world issue sahal. Melting glaciers and rising sea levels. Anyone please tell how to upload picture in thread?? While writing an answer, briefly write about the historical background, then state the current developments after which you need to give the future predictions if the question demands. I consulted the following books and website:

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Threat of water wars 3. How come ;aper in CSS fail in the next exam? It pains me to see wonderfully talented and brilliant people fail this ordinary exam only because of luck! Candidates who fail the examination at CSS,should have the right to reassess the paper,as is the practice at the graduation level.

The grading scheme that they have shared is also helpful for candidates.

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Perhaps someone didn’t like what I had to say about certain topics. Mark This Forum Read.


essay paper 2016 css forum

I am really happy for this outstanding efforts to motiveness for aware nation. I have read the above article and went through most of the commentsit just really discouraged me ,as i was looking forward for CSS 2k17 preparation.

Thursday, November 21, You should all learn how to draw a simplified map of the world, The Subcontinent, South Asia and Pakistan.

Peace is within our power

Engdahl” For demographic I studied”critical geography by David Harvey” For technological implication on climate change I have already mentioned fukushima diachii complex disastour in ES portion. Nabob pall loquacious vociferous chimera Sacrosanct temerity Antonyms: This is because they are intentionally failed by the guys at FPSC in order to keep a low number of qualified candidates.

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essay paper 2016 css forum

We have to learn to be our own best friend, because we fall top easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies. I passed essay paper, securing 53 marks, but surprisingly i got 28 marks in grammar and composition.

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You had plenty of options to go for like good governance, women, gender equality and globalization I would highly appreciate if someome could post their brief outlines or at least the main heading of syllabus essya covers these topics. I used the books mentioned below: However, I wrote rest if them under causes.

Personally its very fabulous. So, the CSS system provides the day to day labor with horizontal and vertical mobility that only depends on management of day to day measures regardless of any direction that should be the part of a CSP officer’s job description. Also important is that what sort of employees government is seeking for?


Originally Posted by ursula For genetic pollution one of the best and award winning book and I also studied is ” Csa seeds of destruction by F. The Paper is quite easy comparatively to previous essay’s papers.

Originally Posted by Doctor Sadia. English Essay CE- To say that CSS is about luck is correct to the extent that it is true of all exams. Sir, you have raised some important issues that Css should probably look into. Recently I take mock exams in a css academy and my views on “Not-traditional threat of water from India” My whole answer was rejected by the academy examiner saying that it does not fit our state narrative. I could not help thinking of the CSS academies as upscale equivalents of the much-criticised madressahs.

Then there are the questions themselves about which candidates are instructed not to express their own opinions. Essay-writing Guide 1 2 3. To connect with Css Exam Forum, join Facebook today.