The park is home to large breeding populations of elephants , wild water buffalo , and swamp deer. Preventive measures such as construction of anti-poaching camps and maintenance of existing ones, patrolling, intelligence gathering, and control over the use of firearms around the park have reduced the number of casualties. The vegetation is mainly of 4 types: In this year, Kaziranga becomes Reserve Forest. All articles in Conservation and Society, unless otherwise noted, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2. Retrieved 14 August To control the growth and irradiation of invasive species, research on biological methods for controlling weeds, manual uprooting and weeding before seed settling are carried out at regular intervals.

Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. Outstanding Universal Value Brief synthesis Kaziranga National Park represents one of the last unmodified natural areas in the north-eastern region of India. Implications for conservation and development planning: The land is quite level all over the park, which is mainly covered by dense and tall elephant grass due to its flood-plain In the heart of Assam, this park is one of the last areas in eastern India undisturbed by a human presence. Assam’s rhinos face new poaching threats. The invasive water hyacinth is very common, often choking the water bodies, but it is cleared during destructive floods.

Forest types of India.

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Het is een van de laatste gebieden in Oost-India die niet door menselijke aanwezigheid wordt verstoord. This tour package has been specially designed for the die-hard wildlife enthusiasts.


Archived PDF from the original on 11 March An additional sq. Retrieved 26 February Travel Tips The park remains open for public between The wi,dlife paradigms of wildlife conservation in Kaziranga National Park have changed significantly over a long period.

It is inhabited by the world’s largest population of one-horned rhinoceroses, as well as many mammals, including tigers, elephants, panthers and bears, and thousands of birds. Region’s Pride, nation’s honour, Gir’s Lions on the cusp of history’.

For the poem, see Kaziranga, Assam poem. According to the census held in Marchwhich was jointly conducted by the Forest Department of the Government of Assam and some recognized wildlife NGOs, the rhino population in Kaziranga National Park is 2, Tourism in Kaziranga National Park.

Init was redesignated the “Kaziranga Game Sanctuary” and remained so tillwhen hunting was prohibited and visitors were permitted to enter the park.

In yearpark celebrated completion of years of Kaziranga reserve in which descendants of Lord Curzon were invited. University of Nebraska Press. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 4 3: National Heritage sanctuarh Wildlife Conservation.

Common trees and shrubs are Albizia proceraDuabanga grandifloraLagerstroemia speciosaCrateva unilocularisSterculia urensGrewia serrulataMallotus philippensisBridelia retusaAphania rubraLeea indicaand Leea umbraculifera. The tourism of Kaziranga is not just about spotting one of the many one-horned rhinoceros or tigers but also to watch the three giant herbivores that reside in the park called — The Asiatic Elephant, The Swamp Deer and the Asiatic Water Buffaloes.


Kaziranga is also surrounded by lush green tea plantations, most of them contributing heavily to Assam’s economy.

essay on kaziranga wildlife sanctuary

A review executive summary. Journal of Bombay Natural History Society 70 2: The length of Indian Rhinos is from 1. Ministry of environment and forests. Another issue is seasonal flooding which causes many animals sanctusry migrate outside the park where they are susceptible to hunting and reprisal for crop damage.

essay on kaziranga wildlife sanctuary

Murlen Phawngpui Dampa Tiger Reserve. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kaziranga National Park. Retrieved 27 September Archived PDF from the original on 11 September The flora in Kaziranga National Park chiefly constitute of three major types: Fragments of monoliths associated sanctiary Karbi rule found scattered in the area seem kn bear testimony to this assertion.

The Lower Himalayan peaks frame the park’s landscape of trees and grass interspersed with numerous ponds.

Kaziranga National Park

Being a selection from his speeches as viceroy and Governor – General of India- India’s wilflife over two centuries. The history of Kaziranga as a protected area can be traced back towhen Mary Curzon, Baroness Curzon of Kedlestonthe wife of the Viceroy of IndiaLord Curzon of Kedlestonvisited the area.

essay on kaziranga wildlife sanctuary

A case study of Kaziranga National Park Assam.