Luxemburg, Rosa , digital version Since, however, this perspective alone is insufficient as it neglects possible system mechanism and the social surrounding, I try to bridge the gap between individual behavior and bigger dynamics by combining several sociological, philosophical and legal considerations on the question of dis obedience.! Celler Versandantiquariat Professional seller. He states that one needs to be able to chose between the forms of compliance. LLU Buchservice Professional seller. Paperback trade with flaps , very good condition, small section top edge front cover laminate coating slightly lifting, minor edgewear.

Thereby he understands power and knowledge to be reciprocally constructing, as the domination of a discourse as a social and cultural practice making a claim to truth is a basis for legitimacy to power. Pencilling on rear cover; else very good. This book is a summary of the penetrating thought of American psychologist and philosopher Erich Fromm. De vlucht in autoritairisme, destructivisme, conforisme. Empirische Untersuchungen zum Gesellschafts-Charakter. Names and writing on the upper front cover.

The Nature of Man. Taking into consideration political obstacles, it will be more likely to attain access to ex-political prisoners that emigrated already.!

He states that one needs to be able to chose between the forms of ungehofsam. This book is a summary of the penetrating thought of American psychologist and philosopher Erich Fromm. The guiding assumption is that incarceration likely works in silencing the opposing person ad hoc but that it is insufficient as a deterrent in a long term perspective.


This distinction is particularly relevant as both the definition of political prisoner by the Council of Europe and disobedience by Hall in Frier and Rawls exclude violent behavior. Seagull Books Professional seller.

As such, incarceration remains the main disciplinary mechanism to silence political opposition3. To do so, the theory of power by Foucault is applied to the case, which leads to the conclusion that Saudi Arabia is a premodern society in possession of new technologies of surveillance and control. The Moral Obligation to Obey Law, in: MW Books Gromm seller.

It is this facet of personal motivation that is the central aim and claim of this paper. Boek2 Antiquariaat Professional seller.

I argue that his definition also applies to the autocratic state of Saudi Arabia.

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He discusses the having mode, which concentrates on material possessions, power, and aggression, and is the basis of greed, envy, and violence – ungejorsam the being mode, which is based on love, sharing, and productive activity.

This high number is alarming in the face of the international protection of Human Rights. Islamic Human Rights Commission Celler Versandantiquariat Professional seller.

Übet Untersuchungen zum Gesellschafts-Charakter. I claim that while the first goal is realistic, the second is impossible. The picture on the listing page is of the actual book for sale.



Dispatch within 24hrs from the UK. De angst voor vrijheid. Milano,Rizzoli Ed. This is page 13 Deb page – Next page. This central characteristic is true to the Saudi Arabian case as the political opposition does not oppose the law but certain policies and restrictions in the representation of people.

erich fromm essay über den ungehorsam

One of the states affected by this definition is Saudi Arabia. Click here to sign up. Antiquariat Thomas Haker Professional seller.

erich fromm essay über den ungehorsam

This moral ground is also present in the current theories on the reasons to obey the law. This point is based on the claim that the stronger the reason and will of the person resisting is, the harder it is for a system to silence this person. High Barn Books Professional seller.

erich fromm essay über den ungehorsam

Neither is an ideal form. ISBN 90 0. In addition to its economic position, it is also the spiritual center of Islam, as it houses both Mecca and Medina.