Again, they were assured that only the information they were willing to divulge would be used in the study, that is, there would not be any instances of coercion to participate or even to divulge certain information. Alberta Human Resources and Employment. The technology in next generation aircraft, aircraft designed with an operating philosophy based off of modern human factors science, in some cases contradicts how the pilots who fly them are evaluated. Fatigue management must be done properly since it enables the personnel to work properly. External influence Table generated from survey results. First, the findings are expected to show that external influence, such as the FAA and or the organization, contribute to human factors short coming within the pilot safety culture. The result of the test will yield a Z value which will be compared to the critical Z value to determine if the null hypothesis is accepted or rejected.

The CRM tool box is composed primarily of cognitive and metacognitive strategies. Information literacy is the demonstration of substantiating the data, reasoning, recommendations, and conclusions involved in critical thinking through the use of established, valid data, and scholarly references. This will mean changing the way pilots are taught using facilitation and encouraging them to learn from each other to build safety culture from within. Oral correspondence will be directed through Skype as required, as the understudy is abroad for the term of the course. Human error within pilot culture can be prevented with effective human factors training. All of these factors have causal effects on the likelihood of human error. Overall, pilots tend to agree but not strongly agree that internal influence on pilot operating culture facilitates safety.

Aviators have scientific methods and technology to decrease human error and they are not being used to their full potential by pilots and organizations. Moreover and so as to create a credible study methodology, the researcher provides the rationales behind the selection of the theoretical framework, research design, sampling, projecr collection, and data analysis methods.


embry riddle capstone project proposal examples

Put all samples back on original groups with ranking and calculate sum of ranks for R1 and R2. It is therefore imperative for research to be carried out to look at rkddle roles that aeronautical science play in mitigating potential financial crisis, how it reacted to the global financial meltdown, and most importantly, how it fares relative to other aeronautical systems in the globe.

Internal and external influence on pilot operating culture disproportionately inhibits the use of current human factors methods to improve safety. However, it would be valuable to extend this work in to the assessment of CRM training programs.

embry riddle capstone project proposal examples

A more in depth look at the survey responses shows a trend in internal influence disproportionately inhibiting human factors science within pilot operating culture.

This paper will primarily be addressing how to reduce and eliminate human error related accidents and incidents by narrowing the gap between the science of human factors developed for pilots and pilot training.

Rejection of the null hypothesis lends evidence to disproportionality of internal and external influence on pilot operating culture.

All of these factors contribute to an eroding pilot culture which does not help pilots improve safety with human factors. Fatigue endangers the life of personnel as well as the customers using aircraft or safety machinery.

It is important to acknowledge that the sample size of this data was significantly lower than expected, fifteen respondents. Retrieved August 28,from Google. Fatigue has a huge impact on the personnel and how they make a decision.

Human error within pilot culture can be prevented with effective human factors training. The project will interpret the data of the given charts and graphs to discuss various methods to explain the information grammatically.

Graduate Capstone Project – Samuel M Torres GCP

The 2 studies that collected data solely at the learning level found that changes in attitudes toward CRM concepts improved. Operations Research Handbook on Transportation. Pilots will be asked the degree to which FAA regulations, organizational culture, and pilot operating culture enhance or detract flying safety in the airlines. Moreover, its function was to offer the researchers who are most accurate as far as the study results are concerned.


The null hypothesis will be accepted or rejected. Program Outcome Four Together with the primary data collected through the use of questionnaires, the reviewed literature will form the study findings.

The goal is to identify improvements that can be made to pilot training and safety culture. The survey is qualitative and will collect ordinal data [2] from airline pilots.

embry riddle capstone project proposal examples

Alberta Human Resources and Employment. Aircraft accidents found to be due to crew error were significantly higher than all other causes; such as weather, aircraft, maintenance, and Air traffic control. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

E – External influence and I – Internal influence. The website will contain project information, the proposal and an explanation of the objectives of the research. The above graph shows the averages of the responses to four questions asked to survey respondents regarding internal influence on pilot operating culture.

Proposal This project will take the form of an individual project Success of Lockheed Martin Aerospace Statement of the Project The C Hercules aircraft has been produced by Lockheed Martin for sixty years, and is the longest active aircraft being produced.

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This book comes from a series called controlling pilot error, one of which was authored by my advisor Dr. This will help to determine the best way to approach changing pilot line flying culture so it is more accepting of Human Factors science in daily line flying operations. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.