This is the case, for example, for Mounir, a Moroccan engineer, convinced that his role as an executive in a training and computer consultancy office for Moroccan and European SMEs wishing to invest and set up in Africa, could have made him an ambassador for the creation of a branch of the CNAM in Morocco: Thus their priorities seem to be based on the personal forging a career, personal fulfillment or family spheres rather than a calling to follow an imposed model. Remember me on this computer. By devising new paths and migratory strategies, they fall into a new circulatory dynamic which is among increasingly numerous countries: How do they solve the question of where they will settle and for how long temporary, definitive etc?

This is an element which current debate around the subject of bi-nationality in some of the countries concerned does not seem, for all that, to take into account. The impression of distancing gives way gradually to multiple presence mainly thanks to new information and communication technologies. Presses de Sciences Po P. Mobiles, immobiles et ubiquistes. These engineers for whom all doors seem to be open if they wish, even settled elsewhere, with a family, house and job, for whom the return home is always possible, convey an approach to mobility not based on constraint but on personal aspiration and not definitive but continual adaptation.

This phenomenon, which was widely stigmatized in the s, is less so today. According to the French Ministry for National Education, Higher Education and Research, inFrance received international students of whom échangez Moroccans were the most numerous 33 ,followed by Chinese Students 30Algerians 21 and Tunisians 11 In reality, many Maghrebian engineers trained abroad can be considered as being in perpetual movement among their native country, host country and others.

dissertation internationalisation des échanges et mondialisation

This is the case, for example, for Mounir, a Moroccan engineer, convinced that his role as an executive in a training and computer consultancy office for Moroccan and European SMEs wishing to invest and set up in Africa, could have made him an ambassador for the creation of a branch of the CNAM in Morocco: This article deals with their ways of coping with these conflicts, especially between the native and host countries. They appear to be finally, something eminently personal and unique which is often totally distinct from any considerations linked to the professional activity.


In the current context of the internationalization of higher education and career paths, and also the globalization of communication, this leads us to ask questions over the potential development of this new way of experiencing international mobility and considering borders.

To understand how the career dissertatino of these highly qualified and skilled migrants was constructed as well dissertaion how they handled their multiple belongings, and to obtain their view of their previous paths, their current situation and their projects, questions with an interactionist perspective were asked.

dissertation internationalisation des échanges et mondialisation

Thus, their distancing is potentially lasting or definitive, which complicates the plotting mondialksation individual paths. Remember me on this computer. This enquiry, through the analysis of the choices made by these individuals throughout their professional career paths, and a structured analysis of their accounts, enabled an insight into how these career paths were formed, the motivation behind them, and the struggles and stresses experienced.

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However, it is not at all a question of individuals who are totally detached from any sense of belonging to a country or national identity, but people who consider themselves to be bi- national or bi-cultural, who mold their paths between two countries, generally their native country and that in which they work or have studied.

Internationaoisation et Migrations, Despite the diversification of migratory destinations, the people concerned maintain solid ties with their country of origin and weave transnational links with them, and so doing, manage the question of multiple belongings. Although mobility for studies is still one of the least studied aspects of international migration Dia,it has been the subject monndialisation a dissertatiin of studies and research programs.

Finally, the digital revolution that we are currently experiencing has favored the emergence of new social and communication practices Rigoni, at the same time that it has turned relations with space and borders upside down.


How do they solve the question of their geographical location and its nature, temporary, definitive etc? I am not speaking about a company, I am speaking about a country.

dissertation internationalisation des échanges et mondialisation

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La librairie de Recueil Sirey. A Circular Cross-border Dynamic from the Mediterranean. The Highly Skilled Maghrebians ” on the move “: I watch all the Moroccan and Algerian news…. This process, far from disappearing, even increases with time in their professional activity, due to the necessity of taking into account the decisions to be made, mostly concerning their family.

What are the effects of the distancing from their native, study and host countries on their physical being and sense of identity? Revue internationale des sciences sociales, 2 Presses Universitaires de France.

So why not learn something else, see something else….

Some integrate transnational networks, for example Cesari,Lacroix, ;which link their countries of origin and residence, enabling them to participate in the social, economic and cultural lives of the two spaces. Beyond the Disciplinary Borders: Eighty-five semi-directive interviews were carried out of Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian students in training in engineering schools in France5 and qualified working engineersin several countries6.

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Would not the States on the two shores dissertatikn the Mediterranean, if they made the effort, profit from this circulatory dynamic, which seems to bring them ever closer together?

The virtual ties that he maintains with his family back home or most of the people he met in the different countries he has been to, facilitates his presence in the different spaces dissertatiln which he would like to evolve. Fuite des cerveaux, retours et diasporas. Finally, what are the forms and the socio-spatial practices that emerge from their migratory situations?