Must be enrolled on a full-time basis part-time attendance requires program director’s approval. If space is allotted, we will continue to admit students on a rolling basis through May 1st. Or call or visit our office and ask to speak to our admission counselor. The booklet is accepted on all CSU campuses and contains all the necessary documents for admission into the program. Q2-What are the benefits of joining EOP? The Educational Opportunity Program EOP serves students who may be disadvantaged because of educational or economic background. Not all CSU campuses will accept the recommendations via paper copy.

The EOP can admit regularly admissible students if they require the full program of assistance offered by the EOP in order to succeed in the University. Such students may be eligible for admission to a CSU campus through: EOP First Contact provides an orientation specifically for the Educational Opportunity Program and allows you to connect with your counselor before the beginning of the year. Has been nominated by an appropriate state agency. A- No, EOP is a program for undergraduate students only. A- Yes, the same qualification criteria will be applied to all students applying. It is the applicants responsibility to call our office to make sure all documents are in as well as verify the deadline.

At SDSU some of the main benefits include receiving: Learning skills development, tutoring, and academic advisement, the EOP provides educational opportunities to low income students who have been traditionally excluded from higher education.

Current CSU admission policy limits the number of students admitted as exceptions to a small percentage of the total number of undergraduate students admitted. The primary goal of the Cal State L.


Students are encouraged to check their financial aid status on Aid Link: Students with incomplete EOP applications will be receiving emails detailing what is still missing from their applications in order to complete qeustions. Each Educational Opportunity Program also has an orientation program. A- EOPs goals and objectives are in assisting low income first generation college students. Has been historically underrepresented in the CSU.

QWhere can I see what my Eligibility Index is?

EOP Frequently Asked Questions

You need to cus back into www. Is academically eligible for regular admission, as determined by the CSU eligibility index, is referred to the Admissions Office for regular admission, or Is not eligible for regular admission may be referred to a community college to improve his or her skills, or the student may request that admission materials be forwarded to the EOP Office at the second choice campus. A- Educational Opportunity Program. Once a student is admitted to the University through the EOP, are counselors available during the summer to assist them in selecting and registering for classes?

QWhere can I see what my Eligibility Index is? Will a student who does not need financial aid still qualify for EOP?

All documents must be in and postmarked by this date. QWhat constitutes a local vs. Is a California resident.

csu eop essay questions

May regularly admissible applicants be considered for EOP? Do EOP applicants automatically qualify for an application fee waiver?

csu eop essay questions

Please contact each campus individually. Students should submit an application to the campus of their first choice. A- Yes, you can submit paper applications by mail or in person.


csu eop essay questions

If you do not hear from us, please feel free to call EOP for updates on your application status Monday-Friday after 2pm at A- No, EOP is a program for undergraduate students only. You do not have to reapply via Cal State Apply or submit letters of recommendation for quesyions.

Students must be evaluated and admitted to EOP before they begin classes. Needs admission assistance as an exception admit, OR Meets regular admission requirements but in the opinion of EOP personnel. Deadlines will be on rolling basis after December.

EOP Frequently Asked Questions

EOP provides access to disadvantaged students who historically have been underrepresented in the CSU. Students are evaluated based upon motivation, past academic performance, need for services, and potential for success in college. Now that the EOP application is incorporated into the online Cal State Apply application, questiojs CSU campus will receive a copy of your application in order to evaluate for their specific program.

The primary goal of EOP is to improve access to low income students. Or call or visit our office and ask to speak to our admission counselor. If the applicant is also academically underprepared, this and other factors will be taken into consideration.