I will also in the future after work with all this statistical work is done release my theory of how the results are calculated which will hopefully be proven by these statistics. Good thing that works out. Dear readers This is the latest post for my school’s trial examination for Sem 2 You may argue we don’t get to understand the horrible feeling they felt few weeks before the final exams in the terminal system, but I can guarantee you have no idea the slow, torturous mental sufferings we have had to sustain throughout the one and a half year, and I’ll tell you I rather go through the terminal system’s pain than this. I am simply doing this while involving you guys so that you guys can also benefit from it ultimately. This post has been edited by OTRoad:

Mar 1 , It’s not perfect but I got what I worked for and that was enough for me and yes I’m very proud of myself. I will also in the future after work with all this statistical work is done release my theory of how the results are calculated which will hopefully be proven by these statistics. Read latest posts or hide this alert. FYI, I understand how our seniors struggled, because my sister went through the terminal system.

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coursework chemistry stpm 2016

We definitely do know how they don’t calculate it though they don’t just take the grade point average across terms and then give you your final grade.


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This post has been edited by frest I do have my classmates’ IC numbers, but it is invading their privacy by checking their results without their permission.

Cemistry So maybe you have a chance?

If you want more data google doc would be a good move: U register for repeat? And you’ve no idea how difficult it is too to cramp everything in 5 months while juggling with co-curriculum which I know was tspm compulsory before or around that time and projects and assignments at the same time. Please do keep posting your results!


This post has been edited by OTRoad: This post has been edited by antonio Been busy with studying for Term 3 Repeats. Like, I’m sure some of you got A- and wonder if your final result can be A so you end up repeating the A- right? I know that chhemistry and thanks for chemisty that clear.

For example, in the old system, not everything from the sylabus will come out during the exam since only one exam is taken so they can ‘spot’ questions and some hard topics may not come out. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your can see my sba chemistry report uploaded by josh, lrtrelated interestsnitratenitritecuring food preservation meatfoodsrating and stats2.


That pain may be more excruciating but courswork least it is thrice less lengthy.

There’s a more efficient way of doing this. Yup I got my A Btw, what year did you take STPM? My chemistry got an A. Coutsework in my time I just simply take my grade’s score range multiply by the proportion weightage of that paper and add them up. But this change of system has hardly made STPM so easy getting As is almost like sucking in a mouthful of air.

Chemistry Coursework by 毅 谢 on Prezi

I don’t think you guys understand how your seniors those who were in the old system struggled to score their A’s by cramping every damn thing taught in a year and a half just for one final exam.

Haha This post has been edited by frest I don’t understand how is the grade for STPM calculated? Dear readers I believe this is the moment that you all are waiting for. Homework is not beneficial Writing newspaper articles volcanoes.

They will, just not today.

coursework chemistry stpm 2016

Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post I am from stpm new modular system and to our senior whom are once in the old terminal system: Thank you for your support.