He had to be taken to hospital after a woman threw a pot of ink over his head while he gave evidence on Thursday January She was buried in Grand-Bassam near her home town. Pastor Orome, who preaches in Borough, south-east London, told the inquiry on Monday October 8 that Kouao said the eight-year-old was incontinent, put excrement into food, burned herself and made a mess at home, which provided evidence that she was possessed. As a society we are still in denial about that hard truth”. The ambulance crew who drove her to St Mary’s described how although Kouao had kept saying, “my baby, my baby”, her concern seemed “not quite enough”, and that Manning seemed “almost as if he was not there”. But he admitted failing to contact any child protection services about his concerns. The same weaknesses have led to the same mistakes, with the same missed opportunities to save a tortured child’s life”.

Lord Laming is expected to publish his report in September. Yet he continued to do so until being suspended following the girl’s death. But he did not tell Kouao to take the girl to a doctor because he was “too busy”. Dawn Green This child protection adviser for Haringey social services was a co-author of an internal report, prepared after Victoria’s death, which identified serious lapses in child protection at the north Tottenham office that was responsible for the girl’s case. On 7 August , Kouao visited Ealing social services; they said it was a housing issue and that the case was closed.

Lord Laming The former chief inspector of social services, Lord Laming, is one of the UK’s most distinguished social workers, and a veteran of government inquiries.

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Carole Baptiste This former Haringey social work stdy was Lisa Arthurworrey’s original supervisor. Anne Bristow The director of housing and social services at Haringey council, Ms Bristow was threatened with facing up to six months in jail by Lord Laming – stud of the inquiry into Victoria’s death – under the powers granted to him by the Local Government Act.

Giving evidence on Stuy 8 January this year, Kouao – the first convicted murderer to give evidence in person at a public inquiry – ranted and raved that she was innocent, claimed she was the victim of a conspiracy and criticised Victoria’s parents. The first the authorities knew of Victoria was when her great-aunt Marie Therese Kouao, who brought her to England from her home in the Ivory Coast, asked Ealing council, in west London, for help. Once, when a nurse gently asked about the burns all over her face, she smiled, put a finger to her lips and whispered: She died at both your hands, a lonely drawn out death”.


Laming’s appointment was controversial as he had been director of Hertfordshire county council ‘s social services department ina department which was strongly criticised for its handling of a child abuse case, and which had the Local Government Ombudsman making a finding of ‘ maladministration with injustice’ against them in The inquiry heard that the number of child protection police officers in the Metropolitan Police Service was reduced to increase the number of murder investigation officers because of the Stephen Lawrence case in She later expressed regret over her actions.

Her parents hoped she would get a good education. The government also placed Haringey social services department under special measures requiring close supervision by the social services inspectorate.

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She told the inquiry on Monday October 1 that she expected Brent social services would carry out a child protection investigation, but it never did. They pointed to the many children abused and killed by their guardians over the years and how the agencies involved in their care let them down. Giving evidence on Tuesday 8 January this year, Kouao – the first convicted murderer to give evidence in person at a public inquiry – ranted and raved that she was innocent, claimed she was the victim of a conspiracy and criticised Victoria’s parents.

Victoria Casr life was short and tragic. Ms Baptiste, a born-again Christian, was found to be “professionally unfit for her job” in November HOW could an eight-year-old child die before the eyes of the authorities? Carl Manning Kuoao’s boyfriend, Manning was also found guilty of Victoria’s murder.

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Hospital assessments failed to identify physical abuse and agencies failed to work together effectively. They noted similarly that their deaths also led to inquiries and reform policies—reforms that have not saved the many children killed following them.


Winter confirmed her decision with her duty senior and told Kouao that she was not eligible for housing. Her parents hoped she would get a good education.

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He wrote a damning report on them, describing the Haringey squad involved in the girl’s case as “totally unacceptable” and “bereft” of proper organisation. By using this site, you agree to the Terms cliimbie Use and Privacy Policy.

case study victoria climbie

A police diagram of injuries on Victoria’s body. Both hospitals concluded her injuries were accidental or the result of scabies. Laming said in his report, “it may be no coincidence that within three days of this conversation, Kouao contacted Vitoria.

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Speaking to the Guardian, he disclosed that ministers believed her death may have been the result of “a gross failure of the system” rather than the failings of individual staff. Many doctors and nurses suspected that the injuries were non-accidental. The following day, his former boss, Chief Superintendent Susan Akers, claimed he had been lying when he said he only held “purely administrative” responsibility for the teams.

Pauline Bradley Ms Bradley, a former Haringey social worker and Unison shop steward, worked in the council’s north Tottenham office when Victoria was under Lisa Arthurworrey’s care.

The investigation will determine why the horrific abuse she suffered was never tackled despite repeated contact with social services, the NHS and the police. He told the inquiry on Thursday December 6 that the girl was cold and wet and her eyes were fluttering as though she was fainting when he saw her on February 24 – the day before she died.

On 14 Julytwo social workers, Lori Hobbs and Monica Bridgeman, visited the address but found no answer: