I got the right answer, so why didn’t I get full marks? Specifically, EEG brain waves taken from two frontal and two rear node locations are sent to a computer by Bluetooth and published in real-time in a Graphical User Interface; this data is further analyzed and used to run a graphical application. Group 8 Project Title: Mohamed Youssef Abstract Given the inspiration of the hyperloop concept, envisioned and proposed by Elon Musk. Design and development of skid-steered electric 8×8 combat vehicle. Abstract The increasing population demands new solutions in agriculture, especially in the quality, safety and speed at which is it done. During the project study, you must submit weekly journal posts based on project tasks, on which you are graded.

Walid Morsi Ibrahim Dr. Group 16 Project Name: First, you write up your findings in a formal report. The focus of our project is to design a solar power supply to power such microcontrollers which requires low voltage and the ability to store power when it is not connected to the load. The image processing will recognise tables, if any objects are sitting on the table, and also if anyone is sitting at the table. Internship opportunities are available with organizations such as: In addition to the final formal report, you will submit progress reports to your capstone advisor.

Successful work placement completion and both a verbal and written final report will result in the intern receiving a mark and three credits toward the honours Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Information Technology degree requirements. In conclusion, this project achieves successful switching between grid connected or islanded mode for a simulated microgrid.

To allow for more varying testing of skills, as opposed to typical memorization heavy written-exams, students should be able to access offline-applications during exams while also not being able to communicate with other students, to better take advantage of the functionality given by laptop examinations.


At the end of second semester, students showcase their research and discoveries at the annual FEAS Projec Exhibition and Competition.

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This project focuses on power electronics technology and system integration through the use of electromagnetics and linear motion to move a pod on a track. A final comprehensive report will also be submitted for faculty evaluation, and to the client organization. Students in their graduating year may choose to complete either an independent Thesis Research, a Directed Studies project or a Mock Crime Scene Practicum.

Group 20 Project Title: Upon successful completion of the program, you must present your recommendations and ideas to a panel of your peers to receive a final grade. Khalid Elgazzar Teaching Faculty Dr.

What are capstone and undergraduate thesis projects? Group 16 Project Name: Proximity-Based Attendance Application Students: While the obvious solution of expanding and fapstone new buildings is not always economically or logistically possible, this project instead aims to optimise existing spaces.

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You will participate in all aspects of a forensic science investigation, from crime scene to lab, culminating with expert witness testimony in a mock court setting. The image processing will recognise tables, if any objects are sitting on the table, and also if anyone is sitting at the table. Skip to main content. Static Transfer Switch Students: As a medical application, the capability to use a BCI Brain-Computer-Interface for application interactions could be beneficial to those suffering from severe motor disabilities, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALSspinal cord injury, stroke, and other serious neuromuscular diseases or injuries.


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How do I approach word problems? Group 15 Project Name: Namdar Saniei Abstract The increasing population demands new solutions in agriculture, especially in the quality, safety and speed at which koit it done. This project provides you with the opportunity, under the supervision of a faculty member or a forensic professional, to integrate and synthesize knowledge gained throughout your program of study.


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In order to achieve this we have altered a standard outlet module to fit components that work together to detect if a dangerous arc is occurring. Group 13 Project Title: Group 8 Project Title: The library can keep statistical records of usage to plan for future expansions and know what areas of the libraries are most used and build new red, yellow or green pdoject according to there specific usage.

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Abstract Distributed energy resources are becoming an increasingly popular supply of power generation. These expectations should be determined with your program advisor.

The proposed system aims to inform students and library staff of how many seats are available in each section of the library in real time. This functionality is made available to users through a web application-based interface which leverages the Mozilla Web of Things specification to communicate system capabilities to the user. Khalid HafeezPhD. For the capstoje of students, no video data will be stored and the image processing will not preform any facial recognition.

The user provides up to three input actions during the input acquisition time frame: Group 3 Project Title: Abstract An application that allows people to post lost and found items.