The nurse should take which action? A patient with CKD brings all home medications to the clinic to be reviewed by the nurse. Physiological Integrity z Correct Answer: Many other drugs, heavy metals such as mercury and gold, and some common chemicals such as ethylene glycol antifreeze are also potentially toxic. The family of a patient newly diagnosed with hepatitis A asks the nurse what they can do to prevent becoming ill. The nurse explains that one advantage of the fistula is that it a. Use good hand washing technique.

Red and moist 4. A public health nurse is performing teaching for a patient who will be obtaining a sample of urine for a urinalysis at home. Check the chart for the most recent blood potassium level. A patient is discharged after transurethral resection of a superficial bladder tumor. Place in the correct order from first to last the sequence the instructor would present. Hepatitis C virus is transmitted through infected blood and body fluids. Notify the infection control nurse.

The type of incontinence this patient most likely experienced is which of the following? Apply bag with opening no more than mm wider than outside of stoma. A normal ultrasonic bladder scan finding is less than mL for a residual voiding.

A client who is performing peritoneal dialysis at home calls the clinic and reports that the outflow from the dialysis catheter seems to be decreasing in amount. Laboratory analysis of the stone that the client passed 1 week earlier indicates that the stone is composed of calcium oxalate.


Inthe University of Belgrade awarded him an honorary doctorate. The nurse should determine that the client understands the information if the client states to record which parameters daily?

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Which of the following diagnostic tests can be done to confirm the diagnosis of urine retention? Creatinine clearance is a hour urine test casse to identify renal function; it will not identify an infection. Use over-the-counter medications as needed.

A finding that the nurse would expect when reviewing the patient’s urinalysis is a. At this point, the nurse: On that day, Sukarno flew from Yogyakarta to Jakartamaking a triumphant speech at the steps of the governor-general’s palace, quizlte renamed the Merdeka Palace “Independence Palace”.

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Which of the following is the most common cause of symptomatic hypomagnesemia? Dysuria and penile discharge The nurse is assessing a client with epididymitis. A dark and smoky appearance of the urine An ambulatory care nurse is providing instructions to a client after a cystoscopy.

Check the level of the drainage bag. This will reduce the time needed for surgery by at least half because it provides hemostasis. Fasting blood glucose, serum potassium, serum calcium. What disorder is indicated by these findings? Monitor for foul-smelling urine. Bed rest with bathroom privileges 1.

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What should the nurse instruct the client to adjust upward or downward according to the amount of edema present? She was living with a roommate who had similar symptoms” A patient with polycystic kidney disease is planning to be married and asks the nurse if his children could inherit this disorder.


The patient is not asked to delay voiding.

bph case study quizlet

When conducting a health assessment interview and physical assessment, it is important for the nurse to consider genetic influences on health. Calcium phosphate PhosLo An elderly patient with diabetes is diagnosed with a flaccid bladder.

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As a result, U. Sukarno came out of the palace and convinced both the soldiers and the civilians to go home. The nurse is working with a client newly diagnosed with chronic kidney disease CKD to set up a schedule for hemodialysis. Covering the connection site with a bath blanket to enhance extremity warmth. According to evidence-based practice for patients undergoing stem cell transplants, which NANDA nursing diagnoses would be appropriate?

In FebruarySukarno reshuffled his cabinet, sacking Nasution as Defence Minister and abolishing his position of armed forces chief quizley staff, but Nasution refused to step down.

Retrieved 14 February Elevate hemoglobin level B.